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Phyliss Morris Party

On Top of Westweek 08

Sexy ASID Green Gallery 08

ASID Green Building Panel

Last week I moderated a green building panel at West week.  We discussed strategies for using green materials and building processes.  The audience was comprised mostly of interior designers, so I decided to keep it light and show some pretty pictures of recent green projects and devulge information about where to find the green materials. Sarah Rich, an editor from Dwell shared some of the projects being featured in Dwell’s Off the Grid section. Kris Kimble revealed his plans for edu-retailer Greenhive, 40,000 square foot green market places built around a green library. Greg Loosvelt from Earth Pledge shed light on the methods and benefits of green roofs.  I’m a big fan of green roofs. In addition to preventing some of the nasty runoff into oceans, lakes and rivers, they help heat and cool the interiors of buildings. They’re also some of the most peaceful and private places you can be. While we’re all so busy thinking about the health of the planet in regards to being green, Mary Cordaro reminded us of something equally important, our individual health.  That’s when it hit me.  This is how I deal with objections to cost when trying to make clients understand about why to go green.  Most of my clients have no problem throwing down $150 for a 3 ounce bottle of face cream but they look at me funny when I tell them to finish the walls with Earth Plaster for an extra $2.00 per square foot. (Love the Earth Plaster! Looks beautiful and absorbs and releases moisture as needed.) Using less toxic materials which don’t offgass poisonous chemicals might be good for more than just the face- your entire epidermis will thank you. Check out Mary Cordaro’s website www.h3environmental.com for more scientific information.  The panel was packed, standing room only, and I think most people walked away thinking, “this makes sense and it’s easier to do than I thought.” That was my big goal for the day, that and having a great time at Westweek- mission accomplished!