When I tell people that I’m an interior designer the first thing they usually say is, “Oh how fun! You must really love your job. It’s so glamorous.” I often reply that the beginning and the end of a project are what I love and everything in the middle is like solving the Rubix Cube puzzle!  One of the greatest things about being a successful designer is being invited to the parties. This is the time to dress up and behavior like a socialite.  Fortunately the spirit of these parties in the last few months has been one of generosity.  As we drink the finest champagne and preview world class art, accessories and furniture we guests are expected to give to others.  Enjoy the photos and remember being green is all about sustainable products as well as behavior and generosity of spirit.

glabman_invite_v1r5111.jpg lori-eric-brook-tony.JPG

Will and Grace star Eric McCormack and his lovely wife Janet with Glabman Home and Los Angeles Magazine host a silent auction for Project Angel Food.


At Hastens the mattresses cost $50,000 but they are as eco friendly and comfortable as they come!

jean-de-merry-invite.jpeg jean-de-merry-brook-and-lori.JPG

Jean De Merry, Elle Decor and Veuve Clicquot hosted a wonderful party with the very best hors d’ oevres by Michelle & Co.  His La Cienega store has some of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen including a series of acid etched glass panels from a 19th Castle in Belgium adoring the entry.  Good design that lasts is inherently green and using something a few hundred years old in your interior is about as green as it gets.

toto-party-2.JPG  barclay-jessica-and-lori.JPG

Toto unveils their Neorest green toilet at their Robertson Store.  Barclay Butera and Elle Decor host an event benefiting Children’s Action Network. Barclay and the guest raised over $30,000 on this night for the charity. So there you are, have fun and be green!