Last week I spoke about green residential interiors at Dwell on Design 2008.  Presenting after Mary Cordaro of H3 Environmental is always fun. Mary is a Bau Biologist who lectures on the health aspects of green design. She’s like reading the editorial section of the NY Times and I’m the funny pages.  I showed pictures of pretty interiors and discussed the green elements. The audience seemed to like the combo of brains and beauty. After the morning speaker session, we headed over to the trade show and looked for new and interesting green products. Some of our favorites included the assortment of planters, trees, plants and the lecture provided by Monrovia Plants.  Living, breathing plants are gorgeous in interiors and help to clean the air. We also enjoyed the reclaimed wood wall and dining table display. I just love adding reclaimed wood to a project. It gives a place a sense of provenance rarely acheived by new materials.


Next on the list was this cool puzzle cabana.  I wasn’t sure how it would hold up outside, but it sure would impress the neighbors.


With gas prices crippling the nation, this gorgeous sports car powered by a solar car port may have been the star of the show.


But I have to be honest and report that the prettiest things I saw at the show were my husband Roi and my designer Galina.

img_1158.JPG img_1159.JPG