Wind power just went glam, thanks to Starcks’ ingenuity and eye for design.   These so called windmills are part of “Democratic Ecology”, a line that Starck is developing with the Italian Industrial group Pramac.  It’s part of what we love so much about his designs – the marriage of beauty, function and responsibility.  “Ecology is not just an urgency of the economy and protection of our world but also creativity and elegance” – Philippe Starck.  Made from the same transparent material used in the very familiar Louis Ghost Chair, these clever contraptions are able to generate 20—60% of a home’s energy needs.  In addition to looking like a piece of Gucci jewelry, they are relatively inexpensive (about $630 US dollars).  With the cost of energy (and everything) on the rise and on the loose, people are more willing than ever to make “good investments” that cost a little bit now and save a lot later.  They should be available for purchase in the US early next year.  Something to think about then next time you get that letter on the pretty yellow stationary from Mr. Edison.



Keep an eye out for the solar panels and the Prefab Green House that are both under prototype now to be released after the Wind Turbines.