I admit it. I love fast food, especially the roach coach carne asada.  Cheap, fast and yummy are high on my list when it comes to jam packed days.  Having a four month old has made finding time to eat an even bigger challenge. Grabbing a quick bite at the Jack in the Box was a savior many times. Then I had to go and watch King Corn, the documentary about the way America grows engineered corn, feeds it to cows and manufacturers corn syrup which winds up in almost every food you find on a supermarket shelf. In addition to being inhumane to pen cows up their entire lives to fatten them up quicker, it’s unsanitary (they pump them full of anitbiotics) and unhealthy for the cows to have a corn diet.  You can only imagine how horrible it is for us to eat the meat.  I remember 20 years ago when I was in Jamaica and asked a native why their cows looked anorexic. He replied,” our cows are normal, your’s are bloated with filler and chemicals.” I didn’t really understand what he meant for a few years, but I never forgot what I saw. Since this is a green blog we can’t leave out the fact about how much methane those millions of penned up cows produce and how it affects global warming.  For many years I’ve crossed chicken which is not free range off of my list of edibles. Now, it’s beef  (unless it’s free range and grass fed).

My husband, the burger lover, doesn’t know what to do with me anymore. “WHAT? No more Carl’s Six Dollar Burgers? No more Mini Sirloin Burgers?” I just can’t eat them anymore knowing what I know. But I have no idea why Jack in the Box hasn’t partnered with Whole Foods and developed a cheap, fast and green solution for us?  Maybe it would be a few dollars more for free range, grass fed beef, organic buns, cheese and potatoes and soda with actual sugar in it, but I think there’s a market. I became convinced of this when I was at the Pasadena Green Fair and saw a GREEN roach coach.


All food on the green roach coach is organic and grown locally.  The cups and plates are biodegradable, but they encourage you to bring your refillable cups and give discounts for doing so. Napkins are made of recycled paper. The truck runs on used, vegetable oil.


I love the fact that they listed all the good stuff right by the organic menu, so you know why it’s green and why it’s good for you.


In case you can’t read it, the truck can be reached at www.greentruckonthego.com. It’s brilliant. If there was one on every few blocks and they were open 24 hours, my problems would be solved.  Until then, if you know someone who wants to open a drive thru, fast food, green burger joint, I’ll give them half off on the design fee!