A good friend of ours came for the weekend and graciously brought flowers –in addition to croissants, chocolates and a lilac lamby for our little one.

She’s fabulous, French, in her eighth decade and cares tremendously for our environment and animals. It didn’t surprise me that she showed up with Earth friendly flowers.  In case you don’t know, most cut flowers are generally grown with toxic chemicals, preserved with even more toxic chemicals and then shipped half way around world. Not these simple, but beautiful, store bought babies- they came from less than 500 miles away and were grown with nothing that would make us sick.

Even the packaging was recycled and recyclable, with a little triple R message reminding us to REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.

I popped them into a Baccarat Vase  (that I’m sure will be passed to my grandchildren one day) and placed them next to my homegrown oranges. There you have it, simple, green elegant.