Yesterday at the PDC Veranda hosted a documentary and all star panel on Redefining Luxury.  Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, Windsor Smith and Peter Campbell were among the panelists.

Unlike the Westweek event a few weeks ago, which completely neglected any greenspeak, Veranda celebrated the dynamic eco duo from the Q Collection, awarding them with one of their four coveted awards for the Art of Design.

Each winner and all the panelists championed the green cause, one even defined luxury as a clean glass of water.  Again and again they reminded us that respect for the planet’s resources and healthy built environments go hand in hand with luxury, something our firm has been touting for over a decade.  The slides of their projects were breath taking and entertaining, especially the image of Kid Rock’s bedroom which looked nothing like I thought it would.  It was originally designed as a love nest for him and Pamela Anderson and apparently they were quite taken by a trip to St. Lucia.  Windsor Smith intelligently spoke about redesigning the way we use space, sharing plans on her new Mandeville Canyon equestrian compound. I wanna be Windsor when I grow up!

Dedar and Kneedler Fauchere held the reception.  As always the fabrics, flowers and food were scrumptious.  My favorites were the chocolate dipped macaroons.  Because an HGTV camera was following me around filming a day in my life, I received extra attention and a special, little interview from Carolyn Englefield, Veranda’s Editor At Large.  Fun fun fun.