Unlike 2009, this year’s DOD had a pulse, jam packed with people and product.  The producers and participants  turned up the heat  with every booth more stylish than the next. This year I was asked to speak on two panels: ASID Glamorous Green Secrets and the joint project of  the USGBC and ASID- ReGreen.  Paired  up for the third or fourth time with world renown Bau Biologist, Mary Cordaro, it was invigorating to see both  audiences with plenty of interested folks standing all the way in the back.

My daughter and I loved the Paul Frank sponsored kid’s play area and the gumball dispensed SEED BOMBS.   The idea behind the green ammo is to throw them at abandoned urban lots, wait for rain and watch the wild flowers grow.  It reminded me of being a bad little girl who always had a good heart.

The show was a huge success and more evidence that green power continues to gain strength.