This spring’s Beverly Hills Affaire in the Gardens was the busiest I’ve seen in five years.  The park,  full of fine art, live music and gourmet vending trucks seemed to lure out every resident in the village.  Kids were dancing,  parents were shopping and the artists all had smiles on their faces, saying, ” the Affaire in the Gardens is back!” That means people were buying art and lots of it.

My “best in show” ribbon went to the geometric cocktail table made of reclaimed wood pieces by Terry Hansen. I’m hoping to use this in our funky, meditation room at Maison Luxe Greystone Mansion Showcase Event.

Came Sculpture playful metal pieces put a smile on every one’s face, captivating young and old.

A sucker for anything high glossed and nautical, I loved the combo by Neil Zeye.

Malen Pierson delighted with his life sized animals made of recycled iron.

The glazed pears by Ojima Ceramics were sublime.

Other worth mentioning were: Gabe Leonard’s spin on movie art, Iris Work’s large landscape photographs, Steve Keating’s photography and Veronica Schmitt  paintings.

Later that night we headed over to Robert Reynold’s studio for a birthday bash.  The beginnings of his latest body of work were on display – a Zen inspired boat.  Perhaps he’s feeling a bit free these days due to the move he and studio director Gemma are making to LA’s Old Building District.  They’ve scored an amazing studio on the roof with a birds eye view of the city from the mountains to the Pacific Ocean.   The bonus here for all you  art buyers is that the entire 5,000 square foot studio (in the LA  Arts District) is on SALE.  The studio at 821 Traction Ave. is open 9-8 throughout Memorial Day Weekend.

This one’s favorite and I’m trying to score it for a client, so hands off!