As far as body products go, if I wouldn’t eat it, I wouldn’t wear it.  Olive Oil is pretty much my go to product for body, face, eye make-up remover, hair and cuticle conditioner and anything in need of moisture.  Olive oil is cheap, non-toxic and it works.   But there is one brand for which I will make an exception and splurge, L’Occitane.


L’ Occitane Products

I always loved the smell, the feel, the metal tube and the fact that it came from France.  ( Doesn’t everything French seem more luxurious?) It’s also non-toxic made of mostly shea butter and almond, lavender and coconut extracts. But I just learned that since 2006 L’Occitane has been working hard at doing good in Burkina Faso,  providing literacy and micro-credit programs to foster economic development for the women of this African country.

Sustainable Corporate Action




Sustainable Corporate Action

A new limited edition collection with packaging inspired by traditional African graphics, celebrating regional tribes, is an homage to the women who grow the ultranourishing shea butter- the heart of the L’Occitane lines.

Twenty dollars for a tube of hand cream that supports women (who just want to support themselves)  is a pretty inexpensive luxury in today’s economy.  That combined with pair of Tom’s shoes could give real meaning to “giving”  this coming holiday season.