Whether it’s the uber exclusive Hearst party (Veranda, Elle Decor, House Beautiful)  on the first night of High Point Market,  a glitterati dinner at Proximity’s Print Works Bistro or on stage at the theater,  if you’re looking to spot America’s Best Interior Designers in one place, High Point’s Fall Market is it.

This was my fourth market and by far the most fun!  In addition to Style Spotting the market,  I was also on stage with Design Camp Counselors Kelli Ellis &  Shay Geyer and lovely Nathan Turner. What an EXHILARATING market!

Margaret Russell, Nathan Turner, Tammy Conner, Ronda Carman, Lori Dennis, Kelli Ellis at Print Works Bistro High Point

Dinner at the Proximity with good friends Ronda Carman (All the Best Blog), Tammy Conner, Kelli Ellis, Nathan Turner and Margaret Russell (Architectural Digest Editor in Chief).

Kelli Ellis, Barry Dixon, Lori Dennis and Hot Anchor Man at Elle Decor Party High Point

Our pal Barry Dixon and his gorgeous  partner at Hearst Party.

Lori Dennis,Tobi Fairley, Kelli Ellis, House Beautiful Party High Point

Fellow Design Camper Tobi Fairley at Hearst Party.

Kelli Ellis, Suzanne Kassler, Lori Dennis , House Beautiful Party High Point

Suzanne Kassler, one of the best selling interior design authors of all times- at the Hearst Party.

Kelli Ellis Thom Felicia, Lori Dennis at House Beautiful Party High Point

Sexy Thom Felicia, always laughing and having a good time at Hearst Party.

Lori Dennis,Kate Kelly Smith, Kelli Ellis at Hearst Party High Point

Super stylish Hearst Publisher Kate Kelly Smith and I had a chat about what was hotter at market: purple or pink… I think it was PINK!

Lori Dennis, Barclay Butera, Kelli Ellis, House Veranda Party High Point

Fellow Los Angeles Interior Designer, Barclay Butera at Hearst Party.

Lori Dennis, Libby Langdon and Kelli Ellis at Braxton Culler High Point

Visting with New York Interior Designer Libby Langdon with her new collection at Braxton Culler.

Joe Ruggerio, Kelli Ellis and Lori Dennis

Saying hello to Joe Ruggiero at Miles Talbot.

Lori Shay Cheminne Nathan and Kelli on Stage

On Stage with Shay Geyer, Nathan Turner and Cheminne Taylor Smith (the lady who makes market work).

High Point View Points Charlotte Moss, Lori Dennis

And last but certainly not least, speaking in the Design View Points Series with Charlotte Moss.

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