I love HOUZZ and I can’t say it enough.  It’s something I use often in my business and consider it to be a huge asset to what I do on a day to day basis.  So I thought I’d share my enthusiasm and offer my Top 5 Reasons why it’s the best go-to resource, inspiration and communication tool out there.

1.  Keywords – With such a depth of descriptive keywords, I always find exactly what I’m looking for.  Let’s say I’m searching for white kitchen cabinets.  Over 381,000 images popped up!  Or I search for modern wood table – I get thousands of images, plus products I might be interested in purchasing, so it’s a one stop shop.  See something you like in an image, it will take you directly to the online store.  No matter what you’re looking for, I guarantee you’re going to find it.  For those of you who like choices, you got’m.


2.  Images – Did I mention how many images they have in stock?  There are millions and millions to sift through.  Literally.  Forget the basics like Google Images.  This is your headquarters for anything and all things design.


3.  Articles – The home page features Today on Houzz where you’ll see about 10 different articles on topics like Wallpaper, Product Picks or Share a Home Office, Keep Your Marriage.  I check in weekly to see what’s going on in my “news feed”, and get a shot of great ideas and information.  I could spend hours here, and sometimes I do.


4.  Idea Books – These are one of my most useful tools when working with clients, whether they’re down the street or around the world in Dubai.  I can easily and visually share my design concepts with them to express the exact look and feel that I’m going for.  Plus my clients can share their own favorite images to communicate details or images they love.


5.  Houzz Tours – Who doesn’t love a whole home tour?  With over 1,000 homes from around the world you can see just about anything.  Pick a style, like English Cottage, and you’re off collecting so much inspiration your head will spin.  One of my recent favorite searches was 6 international Bed and Breakfasts.  This just might help me plan for next year’s vacation!


I could easily go on and on but I’d love to hear how you use Houzz.  How has it helped you turn your dreams a reality?