As a follow up to a previous post on How Much Do Interior Designers Cost are some very important questions to ask when looking for a designer.  Choosing the right person is important and will be instrumental in helping you get your dream results.   Once you’ve searched through portfolio after portfolio and have narrowed down your top choices, the next step is to see if you click and if they’re the right fit for what you’re looking for.

It’s never fun to be surprised by unexpected discoveries along the way, so here are a few essential questions to to ask a designer:

Are you professionally accredited?


What sets you apart from other designers?


What is your interior design philosophy?


What is your track record in completing a design project on time and within budget?


What is your experience of my type of project?

What challenges do you see with my project?


Will I work with you directly or with contractors?


What fees are included in your basic service?


What services would incur additional fees?


Being prepared with the right information, including your desired scope of work, budget and time line, will set you on your way to a wonderful experience and incredible outcome.