At our core, we love being green and aligning with others who hold the same values.  We look for companies who provide something truly special to each home while at the same time taking care of our world.  One of our main go-to showrooms for Sustainable Furniture is Phillips Collection where we always find thoughtful pieces that stand out and spark a conversation.  You can usually spot a Phillips’ piece of furniture when you see it.  It’s always unique, artistic and sustainable – which is right up our alley!  And did I mention affordable?

Chamcha Wood Console Table

Consoles carved from abandoned tree roots from Northern Thailand


Teakwood Horses

Using discarded scraps of wood, Phillips has created beautifully hand crafted Teakwood Horses.


Founder Mark Phillips says “It has always been our goal to be a steward of beautiful and socially responsible design.  This is an intrinsic part of our company.”  And this is why we love them!

Sustainable Furniture = Global Goodness

We’re not the only ones to notice their amazing efforts.  Because of their socially responsible products and business practices, Las Vegas Market, in conjunction with the Sustainable Furnishings Council, has awarded them their 3rd Global Goodness Award.  Highlighted was their Folded Glass Collection, which recycles shards of broken, cola bottles into stunning works of art.

Folded Glass Table

Folded Glass Table

Folded Glass Planter

Folded Glass Planter

Folded Glass Buddha Head

Folded Glass Buddha Head

Seat Belt Dining Chair

 These chairs made of recycled seatbelts are cool and comfortable!

 Bicycle Chair Table Panel

Re-purposed bicycle parts create chairs, tables and wall panels.

Origins Freeform Desk

Still a fan favorite is the raw edge tables and desks.


Make it modern by adding a silver leaf finish.


Something small can make a big impression, like these wood wall tiles.  So striking!

This is just a taste of what Phillips Collection is all about.  They are a perfect example of one voice making a huge impact in the world.