Meet Designer Designer Francois Champsaur

Francois Champsaur‘s project in a historic Parisian Trocadero Apartment is one of the most sensually soft modern designs I’ve seen in awhile.  Champsaur took on a project that had been in a family for generations and untouched for 40 years, and transformed the space into something completely unrecognizable and fresh.   He removed everything and started with a blank slate of over 5,000 square feet of living space.  The walls now undulate as they divide rooms.  The color palette is calm and neutral with splashes of bold colors.  The custom furniture is sparse and sculptural, and there is a nod to history revealed in the original exposed beams.


FC 09

Softened corners on the marble wall and kitchen ceiling complement the clean lines and diagonal seating area.



This custom green banquette in the dining area was designed by Champsaur, balanced by the angular Mars chairs by Konstantin Grcic and table by Eric Schmitt.



 Stunning bronze glazed doors continue the lines in the wide plank floors and louvered ceilings, allowing light to fill the space but also divide it.



Romantic drapes and a cozy chair help to soften the room.
And can I please have that beautiful bench?
I need it.  Bad.  Real bad.





 I could spend hours in this oak and marble bathroom.



This home feels much more architectural than decorated.  Uncluttered home, uncluttered mind….



A sleek and simple bronze fireplace / art installation designed by Eric Schmitt


Materials are made of wood, bronze, oak and marble – Soft, Supple, and oh so Tranquil.  No need for unnecessary decoration, only a peaceful backdrop to quiet the mind, body and soul.