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I’m Lauren Daly and I had an amazing interior design internship with Lori Dennis this summer!

My interest in interior design sparked in middle school when I was able to design my room exactly how I wanted – from paint to carpet to furniture and accessories.  I have since interned with various interior designers to gain experience for when I am an interior designer myself. This summer I had the ultimate internship with Lori Dennis, one of the top celebrity designers in Los Angeles.

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What sets Lori Dennis apart from other designers is that she works closely with a construction company (SoCal Contractor) and a materials company (Lion Windows Doors and More). I saw first-hand the benefits of being a “one stop shop.”

Because all of these trades work as one team they are able to tackle large projects in less time. They also work great together. I saw this cohesive collaboration first hand for one of the projects I worked on. A family needed to move from the east coast into their new Los Angeles home in just a few weeks, and at the same time also needed to freshen up their 25-year old Georgian Colonial home that felt really dated.


I loved this project because it was exactly my style – Traditional and Classic with lots of blues and whites! I was excited to be in charge of accessories and art – which I learned is more than just “the cherry on top” – it’s essential to give a home a finished look.

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My Interior Design Internship Took Me to Las Vegas Market!

To find these special pieces I traveled with the Lori Dennis team to the Las Vegas Market. Not only was it my first time in Vegas, it was also my first time going to market! I didn’t know what to expect but when I walked up to the World Market Center I saw three huge buildings filled with a seemingly endless amount of showrooms. One of the best parts of these showrooms is that designers can buy these items at wholesale prices, which is more than half the price of the retail price!


I loved everything at Leftbank Art

Vegas 1

 Can I buy all the lamps at Visual Comfort?

The next day we attended Design Campus, a project Lori started with a fellow designer, to help designers get their CEUs in a fun and convenient way. Although this was a “mini” camp, a half day instead of the normal two full days, I learned a lot from the speakers – including feng shui specialist Ariel Joseph Towne, YouTube expert David Brownstein, and a renowned architect, designer and landscaper William Hefner!




The engaging and informative Feng Shui Guy, Ariel Joseph Towne




David Brownstein


David Brownstein, encouraged us to post short but sweet youtube videos


The awe-inspiring architect, William Hefner


A stunning project by William Hefner

Another highlight was going to San Diego to work on a photo shoot of a completed project. We worked hard for two days straight to make this beautiful project absolutely picture perfect. I learned that to get published in a magazine, or to have an impressive portfolio, it’s all about the details.

Twyman Morning Room


How fun is this table setting?



Twyman Photo Shoot

 Now I feel like a pro at staging a bookshelf!

But before a designer can have their work photographed, they must always go through “install day” which I learned can be even more exhausting but equally exciting to see the rugs, furniture, paint, accessories, etc. all come together! There’s nothing like seeing a client see their home move in ready for the first time.

Georgian Revival Project 1

Placing hand painted art above the mantel.

Georgian Revival Project 2

With my favorite accessory, a blue and white ginger jar

I helped with two installs during my internship along with attending an event with Kathryn Ireland, the “Million Dollar Decorator,” and I created social media content out of sample boards. Oh and did I mention this was all within a month? I told you Lori and her team works fast!

Design Center Sample Boards 3

Design Center Sample Boards 1

Design Center Sample Boards 2

 Sample Boards I worked on at Lion Windows Doors and More Material Showroom

 This summer was the best of my life and I look forward to working with Lori and her fabulous team in the future! If you’re looking for an interior design internship, be sure to be in touch with the Lori Dennis team.