I love the fall and the changing of the seasons (as much of a change as we get here in California!)
It’s a time where we bring the elements of autumn into our homes to add warmth and create a cozy, welcoming place to create lasting memories with friends and family.

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Think about Color, Texture, Earth Objects and you’re ready to go.  Here are some great ways to add fall decor to your home…


A warm welcome for you and your guests – 2 urns filled with leaves and branches from nearby trees and a pop of color from pomegranates.


Even a neutral pallet can add a cool texture to a traditional home using raw wood, metal and a natural decorative pumpkin.


A great example of Farm to Table.  Fill a tray with gourds and squash, and add leaves to linen white terracotta vases.


An easy table display using colorful pumpkins, veggies, branches and candles.


Do you have an old board laying around?  Use it to prop up your centerpiece of candles, fruits, gourds and whatever else you find in your backyard.

west elm

We love West Elm and this season they have beautiful boxwood garland and topiaries that are freeze dried so they’ll stay fresh for years and still look great!


Gourds!  All I Really Want is Gourds!  I love this idea of using these as a vase for vibrant dahlias and other flowers.  Just empty the insides and add water.


Like the flowers in the gourds above, here are beautiful succulents planted in a white pumpkin.  All natural baby.


Here is my idea of winter white.  Soft linen sheets and a duvet, natural light wood and a comfy woven rug underfoot.
(PS. that faux sheep skin rug is from IKEA and we use it everywhere!)


A simple outdoor setting.  Just lie freshly cut flowers and leaves down the center of the table so guests can easily chat with their friends across the way.  Add a relaxed vibe with soft Mexican blankets for when it gets chilly in the evening.


White on White on White.  An elegant and chic way to decorate this fall.

I hope you’ve found some inspirational ideas for your home.  I know I have a few fun projects to work on this weekend.