Which is better: stone vs. porcelain tile?


Stone is ageless, totally timeless and beautiful.

If you’re looking for Marble, Granite, Limestone, Travertine or Slate for your home, take a look at Porcelain Tile.
It’s really stepping up to the plate.

Porcelain Tile as Calcatta Tile Bar(Tilebar)
Porcelain tiles installed in a stacked pattern with polished finish for the ultimate modern style.

When this “stone-like” alternative first came on the scene years ago, it was incredibly unimpressive.
The technology just wasn’t there yet and it looked highly pixelated.

Nowadays, there are manufacturers who are producing such high quality tile, it will make you do a double take.
You’ll see the same aesthetics but without the maintenance hassle or price tag.

Porcelain Tile as Marble plane-arabescato-vena-a-b-01 Stonepeak(Stonepeak)
Large Porcelain tile slabs installed as a bookmark application in the shower.  What a focal piece!

Porcelain tile is stronger than Stone and less expensive to install.  (Make sure you have a quality installer).
Like Stone, Porcelain tile contains color throughout so don’t worry – a chip won’t be as noticeable as it would in ceramic tile.

Porcelain Tile as Marble Tile Bar(Tilebar)
Calacatta marble look installed in a staggered pattern with a honed finish.

Not only is Porcelain tile a nice alternative to Stone, but now it’s available in slabs which expands the possibilties!
This is awesome for large surfaces and counters, where solid surface quartz and Caesarstone have been dominating the field for quite some time.

Porcelain Slab as calacatta-vena-countertop Stonepeak(Stonepeak)
We’re so impressed with the Stonepeak slabs used as counters.

The large scale tile on the floor and walls is stunning.

Porcelain Tile as Marble plane-fantasy-cloud-01 Stonepeak(Stonepeak)

Porcelain Tile as plane-fantasy-gold-01 Stonepeak


Porcelain Tile as Travertine plane-travertino-vena-01 Stonepeak


Porcelain Tile as Travertine galaxy_nero_tile bar(Tilebar)
Slate look in Porcelain Tile.

So which will it be: stone vs. porcelain tile? Which do you prefer?

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