How many of us are guilty of sitting like this at work?

Today we want to talk about how something as simple as the health benefits of standing at work can have a massive impact on your overall health. Our design firm has a holistic approach to living and what we create in our environment, our bodies and our lifestyle.  An office is no exception.  If you think about it, most of us spend a huge amount of time sitting at a desk in front of a computer.  We’ve been hearing it for years, that sitting stationary for hours at a time has negative effects on our health and that getting up periodically or adding stand up desks has impressive benefits to your health.

Health Benefits of Standing at Your Desk

1. Reduced Chance of Obesity
2.  Reduced Chance of Diabetes
3.  Reduced Risk of Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure
4.  Reduced Risk of Cancer
5. Lower Chance of Desk

Small things we try to do in our office is take a mid-afternoon break for some exercises:

Benefits of Standing at Work and Other Office Exercises

Or other other simple exercises like these:

office exercises how to infographic



Your posture should look like this while you’re at your desk:

Don’t worry.  Your desk can be a huge asset to you!

We were first turned on to the best of the best in Sit-Stand Desks by one of our high tech clients, but not everyone has the option of purchasing a new desk and some may not have the budget for the Bugatti version.

Here are a few options to help maximize your comfort and health benefits while at work:

Flexi-Spot Sit-Stand Desktop Work Station

This desk workstation is a simple way to give you the same benefits as a sit to stand desk.  The Flexi-Spot is easy to adjust with handles on the sides and 12 height settings (adjustable to reach your individual height). It has a deep surface area for up to 2 monitors plus accessories, and a retractable keyboard tray.  We’ve been testing this version awhile and it’s been steady with solid construction, smooth and easy to operate.

A cool design element is the built-in groove for a tablet or phone.

Price: $269.99$349.99
What we Love:  You can place this on any surface to transform it into your own desk workspace.  Built with environmentally friendly materials.
What we Suggest: Set an alarm every hour to remind you to stand or sit.  Sometimes you’re so focused that you forget to move.

 Flexi-Spot has other products, including height adjustable desks, sit-stand-move options, and under desk bikes.

Stir Kinetic

We first learned about the Mac Daddy of all Sit-Stand desks from one of our awesome high tech clients.

standing work desk

Not only does it have a sleek modern design with telescope legs and recessed ports for AC and USB outlets, but it’s the technology that really sold us.  The touchscreen interface is within the desk and tracks the usage, movement and data of each person who uses the desk.  Whisperbreath is one of our favorite features.  When it’s time to move and get off your seat, the desk will slowly rise then lower 1 inch.  This is a gentle reminder to take a deep breath and transition.

activity tracker - health benefits of standing at work

Price: $2,990 – $4,990
What we Love:  The technology, hands down, is the most impressive aspect of this desk.
What we Suggest: The current models have a very modern design.  We’d love to see more styles on the market.

We want to encourage you to move, stand up and breathe, so no matter what your budget is, these desks and desk accessories are a great start living a healthier life.