Decorating and Designing Your Outdoor Party

More fun, less stress: That’s Our Party-Planning motto. For some, decorating for a party and planning a get together is a huge hassle, but we hope to alleviate that stress by giving you three areas to focus on: comfort, drinks, and ambiance! With minimal effort, you can elevate your outdoor party to the next level. Including some essential furniture pieces, festive cocktails, and aromatic flowers, will add the necessary touches to make it effortless and fun for the whole party.

Seating for Your Outdoor Party:

One of the most important items you’re going to want to think about is designing a comfy lounge area for your outdoor party. You’re going to need some sitting areas for your guests to relax and hangout. A sectional couch is the perfect way to give everyone plenty of room to sit and mingle. And if you have a big backyard, though it may seem counterintuitive to not utilize all of the space, sometimes confining guests to one section can concentrate the energy necessary to keep a party lively. And sectional seating is one of the best ways to manipulate the traffic flow of your space.

Creating Ambiance at Your Outdoor Party 

When creating a nice ambiance, it’s best to think about ways to involve classical elements like fire and water. In the center of seating areas you may want to include a fire pit, or surround your guests with water features. 

Party Drink of Choice for Your Outdoor Party

Another addition is an outdoor bar and with a signature cocktail! 

While having an open and well-stocked bar is always a great idea, we’re also fans of the signature cocktail. With a signature cocktail, you can get a little more creative with how you serve it. We love us some cute moscow mule mugs– one of our favorite classic cocktails and the mugs themselves add a little glimmer and texture, making for a unique decoration.

If you’re in the mood for something more tropical and fruity, check out this fabulous “Blue Dream” Colada recipe from our friends at Tile Bar:

We’re also partial to unbreakable wine glasses so you never have to worry about glasses breaking if a guest gets too rowdy or, on the contrary, if you’re throwing a family-friendly event with kids running around.

Making Guests Comfortable at Your Outdoor Party

You may also want to add some decorative pillows and blankets on the couch for the guests to cozy up with. The pillows and blankets will also do the trick of adding some color and texture to the backyard furniture.

And nothing pulls a backyard vignette together like a comfy outdoor rug!

Brighten Up Your Outdoor Party

Lastly, add some twinkly lights above the sitting area. The atmosphere that dazzling string lights create make them the classic choice for a reason.


So, before you start planning your next outdoor event, keep these pieces in mind to help make the process run smoothly.

Floral Arrangements for Your Outdoor Party

Another aspect of décor that will take your party to the next level is floral arrangements and plant placement. They’ll brighten up your space as well as your mood. Flowers; however, have the potential to inflate your modest party budget. So watch the video below for Lori’s tips on how to arrange your own bouquets for a party on a budget!