Spend an Afternoon (or Two) in The Marrakech Media, Morocco

The Medina is a wild place with colors and smells you’ve likely never encountered previously. The way they display baskets, rugs, silver, spices, fabrics, clothing, woodwork, pottery, blankets, candy, food, produce is enticing and magical.  

Celebrity Designer Lori Dennis in the Marrakech Medina

Here I am enjoying all the sights and scents in The Medina!

Spice Shopping in The Medina

Bartering in The Medina

When a vendor tells you a price, offer them 1/4 and meet at 1/3 of the price. They mark everything up on purpose for this “game.” This is my least favorite part of shopping in Morocco, but that’s the way it’s done. Bring lots of money and buy lots of stuff because when you get home you’ll be mad that you didn’t.

Shopping for spices and herbs in The Medina

how to barter in the moroccan Medina

Pro Travel Tip:

They have people you can pay $10 to carry all your stuff in a wheelbarrow type cart. And you can always visit a post office where you can mail it back home. (Honestly, that is encouraged!)


The Medina is a Sensory Experience…

The entire medina is in a seductive salmon colored stucco. Don’t have a plan when you go there, just bring money and stay the entire day exploring and getting lost and then go back and do it again a few more times the following days.

Rug shopping in the Medina

Rug shopping in the Medina

Shopping for goodies in the Medina

Where to Stay in Marrakech – Two Ways

La Mamounia

Most fabulous hotel next to the old town with the markets, called the “Medina” is La Mamounia. It is perfect to stay if you have unlimited funds, if not go for a drink or lunch and stroll the beautiful gardens and see the exotic interiors of the lobby and bar.  

scenic entry to La Mamounia

Gorgeous doorway with geometric tile in Marrakech


For a more affordable stay of about $200 per night and all inclusive- check out the Iberostar about 20 minutes ($10 cab ride to city center).


Where to Eat in Marrakech, Morocco

Al Fassia

Billed as the best refined, traditional Moroccan cuisine, Al Fassia holds up! Located in the exquisite Al Fassia Aguedal hotel, an elegant riad, the ambiance is unmatched. As an added bonus, the restaurant is run entirely by women.

al fassia entrance

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The Restaurant at La Maison Arabe

Morocco is a great place to go full-veggie! The vegetable tagine at La Maison Arabe is delicious. Also at this hotel-restaurant you’ll find a lot of Italian influences.

la maison arabe

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Pro Travel Tip:

The food all over Morocco is absolutely delicious, but foreigners are often not used to the types of germs and its common to get a stomach ache.  As a frequent traveler, I am generally fine drinking tap water abroad, like in Mexico, but both my husband and I were affected by the water in Marrakech.  A quick remedy: Bring Imodium or be prepared to feel a little sick for a few days.

Celebrity Interior Designer Lori Dennis with family dining in Morocco

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