Whether you’re planning a complete design overhaul or just need some ideas to freshen up and modernize your home, here are some designer insights to help you get there:

Modern Home Design

Lighting Tips to Modernize Your Home

Lighting is your friend! Look for statement lighting pieces and let them do all the talking. Brutalist and matte black lighting is all the rage right now and we think it looks fantastic in modern interiors! Our first stop is always Lamps Plus to browse their endless catalogue of lighting options. We’re always able to find something at every price point that works! 

Add a Little Glamour to Modernize Your Home

Strategically place mirrors to distribute light around the space. This also adds a hint of glamour and can expand the look of the space.

Soften the Space

Modern furnishings often look too hard and edgy. Break this up by adding plenty of layers of soft textiles: pillows, throw blankets, plush rugs.

Clean Lines Make Modern Interiors

Match lines and legs – this isn’t about getting the lived-in bohemian/ thrift store look. You want some uniform to the space which means matching legs and arms. Clean, straight lines are one of the easiest ways to DIY a modern space.

Materials To Use In Your Modern Home

Stainless Steel is still going strong, and matte, chrome finishes aren’t just for your kitchen appliances. Look for ways to integrate some shine and metal in your lighting and accent pieces too. While mixed metals is a major design trend right now that we’re seeing pop up everywhere, keeping finishes uniform is usually a good idea if you’re going to DIY to prevent things from looking too mix-matchy. 

modern farmhouse kitchen white counter tops

Legless Surfaces

When you’re planning built-ins, whether it’s for hallway storage, an entryway console, or bathroom vanities, sometimes the best thing you can do to get that seamless modern look is to install floating shelves and built-ins, foregoing legs entirely. This entry way is a great example. Great for balancing the chi of the space and keeping the energy flowing!

Color Pops to Modernize Your Home

Sometimes it’s hard to get the perfectly layered monochromatic look in your home without it looking like a snowstorm. If the monochromatic modern look is feeling too cold for you, introduce some energizing pops of color. Like we did with the hermes orange in this closet, for example.

Open Floor Plan for Your Modern Home

If you’re looking to complete a larger renovation, consider updating a more compartmentalized, traditional home with an open floor plan and more flexible, multi-purposed spaces. This is going to be a next-level project as it involves knocking down some walls and you’ll definitely want to be sure it’s to code and that your home can support it before you do so! 

Modern Window Design

One way to instantly update your space is with window replacement. Traditional homes generally have smaller windows, usually standard casement and double hung sash windows. If you’re looking to modernize your home, consider windows that take up the full wall, or larger expanses of glass in general. We’re all about indoor-outdoor design at Lori Dennis Inc. and modern windows are one of the best way to do that! 

California Cool Monochromatic Living Room with Pool Table

Break the ‘Rules’

Remember rules are meant to be broken! If there is one of the tips above that doesn’t quite sit with you, ignore it — That’s how you begin to discover and develop your own style and prevent the cookie-cutter look. Use the ‘rules’ as a guide to make your space you own!