Friday I had the privilege of attending a Lamps Plus collaboration event with Pen + Napkin, along with fellow Lamps Plus Brand Ambassadors, Courtney Allison of French Country Cottage and Orlando Soria. Here we are with Angela Hsu of Lamps Plus and the founders of Pen + Napkin, Catie Bouchard and Ellyn Molzer. I was blown away by the organization’s efforts to end homelessness through the power of design!

Catie Bouchard, Ellyn Molzer, Orlando Soria, Lori Dennis, Courtney Allison, Lori Dennis pen and napkin lamps plus step and repeat red carpet photo

Photos by @imatographer

What is Pen & Napkin?

They are a foundation which seeks to eradicate homelessness through their partnerships with the design community. Working with designers and retailers like Lamps Plus, Pen + Napkin furnishes the first real homes of people transitioning from shelters.

Ending Homelessness Through the Power of Design

The rate of people ending up back on the street after a bout of homelessness is 50% but when they have furnished, decorated spaces, and feel a sense of pride and ownership, that number plummets to an astounding 1%. We know the power of design and now we have the data we can leverage to help people who need it most!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area and interested in volunteering your time to the Pen and Napkin Organization, click this link to fill out a quick application. With enough help, ending homeless is possible in our lifetimes and this is an excellent place to start! Let’s get to work. And if there aren’t current volunteer opportunities, keeping up with Pen and Napkin on Instagram is a great way to stay informed on ways to help in the future:

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