We’ve returned from Palm Springs’ annual Modernism Week, a celebration of mid century style with 21st century updates. One of the highlights was attending Monogram Appliances’ event hosted at the Kirk Douglas Estate. Here we are!

Lori Dennis and SoCal Contractor at the Kirk Douglas Estate at Palm Springs Modernism Week

Here are some of the elements we were inspired by that we can’t wait to integrate into our upcoming modern projects:


In the Bedroom

The bedroom is where we saw the most bohemian and global influences infused. The cozy, colorful layered textiles are a perfect way to define your palette, style, and soften the space. Because this style is so popular right now, you can find tons of budget reproductions of Moroccan rugs and boho bedding from Wayfair and Anthropologie.

In the Bathroom

Vintage Wallpaper everywhere! One of the coolest things about the Kirk Douglas estate was seeing what original elements of the home they decided to keep and what they ripped out. In the bathroom off the bedroom there remains original wallpaper that even 5 years ago might have felt dated, but today, the colorful, floral print is back in a big way.

In the Kitchen

As we mentioned, Monogram Appliances hosted the event we attended and were showcasing all sorts of chic new appliances. The coolest part about the new Monogram Appliances were how hidden they all were, contributing to the sleekness of the kitchen. When you don’t have to worry about appliances distracting and sticking out, you free your design up for more creativity in color or pattern.

In the Backyard: Fire pits Galore!

Fireplaces were everywhere, and our favorites were the grand, outdoor fire pits and built-ins surrounded by stone. Perfect for outdoor living rooms, dining rooms, or kitchens. We’re all about that indoor-outdoor lifestyle here in Southern California!

In the Living Room

One of the neatest features of the Kirk Douglas house was the office nook carved out in the middle of the communal living space and optimized for productivity. It was too cute! Our partners at SoCal Contractor wrote all about it here. We loved the creative use of space and all the color! And it’s hard to resist a gorgeous mid century modern desk paired with a comfy desk chair.

Communal Seating

Conversation pits are making a comeback. Giant, oversized sectionals that are so great for entertaining large groups, we don’t know why they ever left.

Glamorous Lighting

If you read our blog often, you know we have a thing for lighting. Glamorous chandeliers and cool table lamps were another source of color and mid century nostalgia.

Pop Wall Art

Pop culture references were abound in this star home. How much value you place on covering your walls with inspiring art is directly proportional to your enjoyability in your home. We loved the inclusion of pop art depicting icons of film, tv, and music throughout the home.

Trellis Patterns

Whether wallpaper or on accent furniture, trellis patterns are everywhere! We saw a lot of outdoor furniture with trellis patterns, but also love the idea of integrating the motif with a trellis room screen like this one.

Lastly, we loved how much fresh fruit was growing around the property!
fresh fruit at the kirk douglas estate fresh fruit at the kirk douglas estate