Home tour time! Sometimes you work on a project that remind you of the why behind everything that you do. We’ve began installation for our Pen & Napkin project yesterday, which you can read about here, and we’re excited to share more once we’re all done. We just finished another design project that made a lasting impact on us and the homeowner emotionally, and wanted to share the motivating why behind the design process. We’re calling this home that of the Brand New Bachelor:

Meet Our Brand New Bachelor

Unlike our Pen & Napkin project, in which we’re furnishing the apartment of a family transitioning out of homelessness, the homeowner of our Brand New Bachelor project seemed to have it all together in so many ways: He’s highly successful in the field of finance, is in incredible shape and has beautiful children.

But when we started peeling back the layers, this incredibly successful man was equally as unbalanced in a number of aspects in his life. This project, a multi-million dollar home, would present to us a different set of interpersonal hurdles to tend to: He was going through a nasty, costly divorce, his relationships were suffering, and his time was escaping him. Maybe through the design of his new home, we could find a way to help get him balanced and back on track?

When Your Become an Interior Designer, Sometimes You Also Become a Life Coach…

When you become an interior designer, there are some other things you inevitably end up becoming too: a marriage counselor, sometimes a business coach, a financial and/or a health and wellness advisor. That is because these four aspects: health, spirituality, relationships, and finances impact our most personal lives in so many ways and intersect in the most intimate of environments: our homes.

When we took on the project of designing the home of a Brand New Bachelor, we knew we had our work cut out for us and it was clear from the beginning what our over-aching goal would be. This was about more than some cosmetic renovations ans buying some swanky new furniture/ our client, a wildly successful finance guy, and health nut was recently divorced and with two children, and the needs and function of his home had changed.

Leaning into Your Strengths Can Sometimes Force You Off-Balance in Other Aspects

In difficult times, we lean into our strengths- for him, that was business and wellness, but what about the other two of the quadarnts: relationships and spirituality? By over-focusing on the other aspects of his life he was off-setting the balance in the other of the two quadrants. His spirit was crushed and relationships were suffering but through the power of design we knew we could help him get back on his feet.

Redesigning Health & Wellness

In order to recalibrate, we’d helped him improve his home gym so he could focus on his well-being and spend more time at home, with his children.

We also carved out a few quiet corners of the home just for him, places he could go to focus on himself: a meditative space off the master suite, and a sauna for optimum wellness.

Reaffirming Relationships

We’d design spaces keeping in mind the relationships that now mattered most in his life, his kids. We focused on an open airy floor plan in which you could seamlessly move between the game room, kids room, and other communal areas, like the kitchen.

The living space, complete with a pool table and full bar, also doubles as an adult entertainment spot – not every aspect of a home needs to be kid-centric, even when they are your top, dedicated priority.

And some aspects of the home, by contrast, would be all about the kids: their bedrooms and game room would be places where they could have space to grow on their own.

The Quadrant Life

Coming soon, we’ll be launching the highly anticipated Quadrant Life, a book about finding balance in your relationships, finances, wellness, and spiritual life. Excited to share more with you in the months ahead!


See more of this home’s gym and wellness center here.