We’re all about connecting (or reconnecting) our homes’ interiors (and, by extension, the homes’ inhabitants) with their environments. One incredible way to do that is with architectural stone wall features. Today on the blog we want to take a look at two very different homes – one embodying mid century modern style and one that’s peak modern farmhouse where we used Eldorado Stone to connect the home’s interiors with their exteriors.

Connecting home with its environment

Connecting Your Home to the Outdoors

In both homes, we used Eldorado Stone throughout as a way to embody the rich color, texture, and character of the landscapes surrounding them. If you’re an environmentally-conscious interior designer or a consumer who cares about how your home’s interior connects to and impacts the environment, Eldorado stone should certainly be on your radar. Stone wall features are an excellent inspiration for any green interior design.

The Tahoe Tract Home ft. Eldorado Stone

Who says a routine track house can’t have elevated, architectural style? For this project we used the Stacked Stone profile in the Daybreak color palette to give the space its organic, unique texture. The bedroom even won the Southern Accents Green Design Interior award!

Stone veneer wall feature in Lake Tahoe mid century modern bedroom by interior designer Lori Dennis won green interior design award

New Mid Century Modern Style

The Tahoe Rat Pack home is the perfect example of where we see the Mid Century Modern trend going – so many people are drawn to this style. You see it permeating the pages of Dwell magazine and sold at big box stores like West Elm. But the difference in Mid century now, compared to where it was 10 years ago, is that people want it warmed up a big. Sandy, naturalistic hues and organic textures. That’s where architectural features come into play in a major way.

The Tahoe Family Room

The family room features an Eldorado stone wall feature in Stacked Stone Alderwood. Using the stone also helped us update the home’s mid century style. We like to call this project the Tahoe Rat Pack, envisioning it as a place where one of the classic crooners may come to unwind and get away from the craziness in Hollywood.

Tahoe is a place for nature-lovers and where so many of California’s landscapes intersect: Water, mountains, desert, farms. That’s what informed our design decisions throughout the home.

The Modern Farmhouse in the City

In this modern farmhouse, as you’ll see, we took a very different approach in the stone selection. Eldorado Stone has so many product options perfect for a variety of traditional and contemporary spaces, including clean lines and neutral color palettes. But neutral can still make a major statement!

Eldorado Stone Brick Walls for Farmhouse Style

Don’t you just want to curl up with a good book on that couch? The Eldorado Roma Brick in Castello runs the entire length and height of the home’s library lounge, creating a homey, enveloping effect when you’re in the space. That is ultimately the feeling one is attempting to achieve when implementing modern farmhouse style, in addition to the aesthetic. And that can be tricky to accomplish in the middle of Los Angeles, where this home sits.

Farmhouse Style Means Comfort

It’s the architectural features like the stone walls, lighting, and flooring, that define the character of this home. The Eldorado Roma Brick in Castello runs throughout the wall features in this Los Angeles modern farmhouse, proving the perfect backdrop for neutral furnishings and lighting to pop against.

Stone Wall Features: Installation and Costs

Let’s get down to the brass-tax here: How cost-effective and practical is it to install one of their stone wall features?

  • Having used Eldorado stone in our design projects, we can confirm their reputation as the leading manufacturer of architectural stone veneer with an unwavering reputation for high quality products that they’ve developed over the past 45 years.
  • They’re also really affordable: Eldorado Stone is a cost effective way to integrate stone textures into any project because it weighs less than natural stone and doesn’t typically require significant structural adjustments.

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