You might have seen the teaser clips here and there from Renovation Inspiration Season II, presented by Lamps Plus. Now all six episodes are available on Lamps Plus’ youtube channel. And you can read all about it in Home Accents Today.

Watch the complete season below:

Episode I: Marina Del Rey House Tour

Episode one takes you inside the Green Monster in Marina Del Rey. We’re walking through the house and getting the lay of the land. This is the biggest, baddest, ugliest house on the block and our mission was to transform this single-family home into three separate rental units, California Style! Watch now:

Episode II: Kitchen Remodel Start to Finish

After much debate, we decided to ultimately, to keep the countertops and give the kitchen an update in the form of a splashy Villa Lagoon tile backsplash, update the lighting, and slap a fresh coat of white paint on the walls!

Episode III: Bath, Stairs, and Bedroom Remodel

Turning this property into a three-unit rental meant some added expenses: more construction, more walls. We had to be discerning with what we were going to do. Simplifying the home was key – ripping out the carpet and painting it all white! This is the first time we kind of bumped heads – we had a major disagreement about how the staircase was going to look. Watch and see what happens:

Episode IV: Apartment Makeover, Small Space Solutions!

20 blocks from the ocean, meant we had to go coastal in our apartment makeover! Casual California Coastal is what it’s all about. We wanted to give the apartment an indoor-outdoor feel and make it over with 5-star style! We had a major termite problem on the deck, which meant an added expense to deal with that. That’s why you always want to have a contingency! Even us professionals can’t anticipate all of the issues that crop up.

Episode V: Apartment Tour and Makeover

The studio space is its own rental unit at the back of the house and it was our most challenging part of our renovation: Here we were adding a kitchen nook and a bathroom to an area that has no plumbing. We kept discovering areas that needed fixing in this area and there were so many delays! We made up time and money by having two rooms share one wall of electric and plumbing. Confession time: I was truly a little afraid of how this space was going to turn out! And ultimately, I’m really happy with the result.

Episode VI: Outdoor Updates: Backyard and Balcony Makeovers

On the final episode, we’re taking it outdoors! This is always our firm’s favorite, designing outdoor living spaces. Lamps Plus had so many outdoor furniture and pillow options to help us design these luxe outdoor areas our guests will love to spend time in! We livened up the space with ample, cozy seating, plants and pavers for a low-maintenance outdoor area – essential when you’re designing a rental property that you don’t live at.

Behind the Scenes of Renovation Inspiration Season II

Renovation Inspiration Season II bedroom with coastal accents

We had so much fun shooting this season of the show! If you hadn’t had a chance to catch up yet or missed Renovation Inspiration Season I, give it a watch here. Last season we took on a very different kind of project – a Bel Air Road mansion that we had to bring from the 80s into the current times. We hope with each season of Renovation Inspiration to bring to you houses of all varieties to illustrate the variety of projects within our portfolio.