As a rule, our firm doesn’t specify wall to wall carpeting for any of our projects – not only does it make your home look dated and less polished, it’s nearly impossible to get a carpeted room fully cleaned. So enter the obvious solution… area rugs: All of the projects below feature gorgeous sustainable rugs from Jaipur Living!

While we love the stark modern look of tile and stone, we know the good that covering them with rugs do for a room: They pull a space together, anchoring all the furniture pieces. Rugs add texture and style, maybe even a pop of color! They warm up a space and absorb sound. But if you’re going to cover your floors in area rugs, be sure they’re sustainable! That means they are:

  • Made of non-hazardous materials
  • Made to last
  • The manufacturer prioritizes clean working conditions and pays their workers fair wages. 

Jaipur’s Social Mission

Jaipur is one of our very favorite rug vendors! They’re a socially responsible company that prioritizes ethical working conditions and gives back to local communities. The Jaipur Rugs Foundation (JRF) trains weavers in areas with no viable work within their immediate area. These areas are selected on the basis of a survey by the Government of India identifying the most economically backward geographies in the country. You can find their products on sites like

Lemon Ranch dining room

Notes on Caring for Your Rugs

  • Vacuum rugs once a week. Once a month, sprinkle them with baking soda—sweep it into the rug with a stiff broom and vacuum the baking soda. For heavy-duty cleaning, steam clean carpets with water, no solution needed. 
  • Gum erasers from the art supply store are made of natural rubber and are great for erasing “mistakes” on upholstery, wallpaper, matte painted walls, and rugs.
  • To clean bodily fluids, other than blood, on mattresses or furniture, remove any solids, dip a rag into water and vinegar, spot clean, pour baking soda on the area, let it dry, and vacuum the baking soda, repeat as needed. 

Green Interior Design

For more Green Interior Design advice, we’re excited to announce the second edition of our acclaimed design guide Green Interior Design is coming out later this year!

Green Interior Design by Courtney Porter and Lori Dennis