Whether displayed on their own, in a case or hanging pendulum, in place of fireplace logs (as we did for a recent client) or as a full-blown crystal grid (A fun DIY project whether you’re into crystals for the healing properties or merely the aesthetic), we love crystals because they’re natural and decorating with them is entirely personal. Crystals are beautiful natural accessories we use to ground and set the intention of the space. Here are the crystals we like to put in each room of the home:

Living Rooms and Entryways:


Known to be the most power of all crystals, Clear Quartz is a master healer and protector. Quartz is added to electronics, watches, cameras, car’s fuel line, acupuncture needles. It amplifies energy and all other crystals to the highest level. It’s associated wth the 7th Chakra / Crown.


Selenite clears stagnant and unwanted energy. It guards against EMFs, increases inner peace and clarity and is also associated with the 7th Chakra / Crown. Place this stone in closets, near front doors or public areas where guests visit.


This is the stone of peace, harmony and clear communication. It’s all about self awareness, self expression and truth. It’s associated with the 5th Chakra / Throat.


Amethysts are one of the most powerful and protective stones. They clear away negative energy (from you and your guests). They centers your energy and balance out the highs and lows. They’re thought to aid with addiction (alcohol, shopping, work-aholic, smoking, social media, negative self talk and worry, etc.) and help to focus and tap into intuition, increases memory and motivation. They calms the mind and helps with Insomnia. Placing near your bed is another good place for amethyst!



This is the stone of love and peace. It enhances all types of love: Self Love, Unconditional Love and Compassion for others. It’s known to raises positive energy and reduces stress. It’s associated with 4th Chakra / Heart.


Garnet is the stone of health. Like Blood Stone, garnet helps strengthen and revitalize and purifies organs and blood and removes toxins. It’s heart-based, inspiring love, devotion, passion. It’s associated with the 4th Chakra / Heart.


This stone is mainly used for grounding and protection. It calms a bad temper and releases negative emotions like anger, fear, stress and resentment. It soaks up environmental pollution.

Home Office


Citrine is the stone of business, personal power, creativity and wealth. It’s the stone of abundance. It promotes Joy and releases negativity, fear and anger. And it’s associated with the 3rd Chakra / Solar Plexus.


This is the stone of wealth. High masculine energy, it blocks negative energy and pollutions, increases blood flow to the brain and helps to stimulate the flow of ideas, inspiration, instinct and big concepts. Fun fact about this stone: It grows naturally in perfect squares.


This stone of protection promotes rational and quick thinking, clear vision. It helps accomplish goals with clarity and focus and balances yin and yang energy. It assists with realistic manifestation, rather than wishful thinking and is associated with 3rd Chakra / Solar Plexus. Also, is a good one to place in your car or suitcase when you travel.

Home Gyms, Wellness, and Media Rooms


This is a life Force (chi) stone for good health and a long life. It helps treat blood disorders, bad circulation, diabetes. It’s known to boost the immune system, energy levels, balances hormones and fights inflammation. And it’s a good lucky charm for sports competitions!


Smoky quartz is a grounding stone. It reduces stress and blocks EMFs and geopathic stress. It’s associated with the 1st Chakra / Root. It’s a good stone to put near Electronics, Media Centers, WiFi hubs or AV Equipment.