From the Ted Talk to the Designers on Social Summit, it’s a busy week at Lori Dennis Inc…

Hello, everyone! We’re coming off of a thrilling weekend at TED X Santa Barbara, where Lori Dennis gave a talk about design solutions to end homelessness. We’re so excited to share the talk with you once it becomes available. In the meantime we’re moving forward with momentum, full steam ahead — This Friday, Lori will be joining 20 of the industry’s leading experts on design and social media for the Designers on Social Summit, an entirely digital design summit hosted by Bobby Tsui. Yep – That means you can kick back in your PJ’s with a cup of coffee (or mimosa? We won’t judge ;)) and watch from the comfort of your home. 

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What’s Lori Talking About? Not Social Media or Design, Actually!

We’ve all heard the lectures on how to grow your following on Instagram, or how to style your rooms for magazine photoshoots and we’re taking things in a different direction over here at Lori Denni Inc. While we love those other topics too, we’re looking to delve a bit deeper these days… 

Check out Lori’s Session Page here.

Lori will be giving a talk and interview on How to Create a Map to the Four Cornerstones of a Fulfilling Life at the Designers on Social Summit, to get you in the right mindset for success. Afterall, if you’re not aligned, all this other stuff won’t matter, right? 

Learn more about the Four Cornerstones course here.

The Quadrant Life

Lori is covering creating and keeping critical relationships while you work on carving your own path in life. She emphasizes the importance of self-care and its impact on drive and momentum as well as the hangups of fear and how to move past it. Don’t miss this motivational and inspiring talk! We’ll also be giving away two copies of Lori’s new book, The Quadrant Life which delves deep into each of the four cornerstones. 

Check out more about The Quadrant Life book here.