We recently designed the home of Forks Over Knives founders Brian Wendel and Darshana Thacker and got to pick their brains about the benefits of the plant based diet they made famous! Here’s a peek inside that project and some details on why we’re fully converted to the plant-based lifestyle:

3 major benefits of a plant-based  diet

First of all, What is a Plant-Based Diet?

The major appeal for us of the plant-based diet, rather than full Vegan or Vegetarian is the leniency and ease. It’s exactly what it sounds like: mostly plants. While everything else is technically allowed, going plant-based makes you cognizant of just how much of the ‘bad stuff’ you’re consuming. It’s simple and less regimented and intense than labeling oneself with a specific diet. We love the freedom that provides and feel so much healthier all around! Adopting a plant-based diet is actually really easy, as there are not a ton of rules, especially if you like to cook. Let’s dive into some of the benefits!

Why Go Plant Based

  • Environmental Impact of Going Plant-Based

You know we love all things green and sustainable. And by switching from a traditional western diet (lots of sugar processed foods and animal products) to plant-based is a great way to make a small difference as an individual! Going plant-based dramatically reduces your carbon footprint, resulting in a 70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and 50% less water use. And, of course, reducing or eliminating animal products animal products in your diet and purchasing local, sustainable produce is great for your local economy!

  • Health Consciousness

We’re living longer and longer, but not necessarily healthier. If we’re all going to live to see the other side of 100, don’t you want to feel good when you get there? Rates of heart disease, cancer, cognitive issues, and diabetes are dramatically slashed when you switch to a plant-based diet. 

  • Weight Loss

Between the high fiber content and elimination of processed foods, going plant-based is a great way to shed excess pounds.Just one of the other amazing benefits!