Wow. What an awesome week it’s been! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all the good things coming my way and for my family and design firm. I’m filling up the pages of my gratitude journal this week! Here’s what that looks like:

Gratitude Journaling

First, What is Gratitude Journaling?

What began as keeping a notebook beside my bed to dump all my racing thoughts at night evolved into a gratitude journal where I list out everything I am grateful for. Those things range from major life achievements to the pedestrian everyday things I have to be grateful for. These can be things like having made a good meal that day. When you go deep (or mundane!), you surprise yourself with all the little things you have to be grateful for.  



5 Things I am Grateful For This Week

1. The Quadrant Life 

My book , Quadrant Life, comes out today! It’s been a long time coming to write this book – it’s my way of giving back after the success I’ve achieved. I’ve got many miles to go to promote it and share it with everyone. But right this minute, I am congratulating myself for getting to this point. And you know what? It feels good to be appreciated!! A million thank you’s are in order to everyone who’s already pre-ordered the book. It’s now officially available–  You can check out the book here on amazon.

2. Seeing Family in Florida

Rain or shine, coronavirus or bust! — My husband, daughter, and I made it to Florida to celebrate the first birthday of our goddaughter’s son. Nothing makes me happier and more grateful than spending time outdoors in the Miami sun with close family and friends.

3. Best of Houzz in Service & Design

For the 7th year in a row, the community has voted Lori Dennis Inc. Best of Houzz in BOTH design and, most importantly, in service. Our firm is so grateful for Houzz and all the business we’ve been able to garner through their platform. It’s done wonders for our business. Thank you, again! It feels awesome to be recognized as one of Los Angeles’ Top Interior Design Firms.

4. Green Interior Design

When I first started preaching sustainability to whoever would listen, it was considered niche. The demand for sustainability is now high – it’s trendy to “go green.” With Courtney Porter, we’ve revamped our firm’s book on Green Interior Design to be more interactive and consumer-focused. Now the book is as  much for the DIY’er as it is for the interior design professional. It’s available now for preorder on amazon here.

Green Interior Design by Courtney Porter and Lori Dennis

5. Solutions to End Homelessness (Roof over my head)

When you work in luxury design, it can be easy to get caught up in the lack — when your own home doesn’t look magazine-ready and perfect like the client’s home you just completed (Have to remind yourself — in a couple weeks, their place will also look lived in, it’s supposed to!). Right now, I am grateful to have a roof over my head. Living in Los Angeles, the homelessness population has exploded. I’ve spent the past couple years working with a couple of different homelessness prevention organizations to find design solutions to end homelessness and that has culminated in the talk I gave on the Ted stage in December. Watch here:

Three Major Benefits of Gratitude Journaling 

  • Better Sleep 

As mentioned earlier, the stress reduction from gratitude journaling will help you sleep better at night. You’ve got to get your mind clear before sleep so you get in perfect REM cycles!

  • Self Esteem 

Gratitude journaling is a great way to check in with yourself and give yourself credit for all the fabulous little things you’ve accomplished that you may otherwise forget about. 

  • Make Yourself Happy 

When you’re moving through life in a space of gratitude for what you do have, rather than from a place of scarcity and lack, it’s nearly impossible to be unhappy.