Corona: back off! The Coronavirus has everyone in a panic and has us in the mood to deep clean the house! (At least we can kind of control that, right? Great for peace of mind, if nothing else.) Read on because we’re sharing our Whole-House Deep-Cleaning Checklist. We are getting into the weeds of it. From the best deep-cleaning products on the market to sustainable, eco-friendly swaps you can make to keep your home spic and span (and free of cCOVID19!). 

How to Keep Your Home Coronavirus-Free

DIY Hand Sanitizer 

Hand-washing is our first line of defense against any virus – so wash thoroughly and often and carry hand sanitizer and wipes with you when traveling to wipe down cell phones, trays, handles and door knobs, stick shifts in cars, drawer pulls, keyboards, and all those other easy-to-forget places we touch everyday. Now, after seeing hand sanitizer was sold out everywhere and retailing on amazon for $150/bottle, (INSANITY!) Lori hopped on her Instagram Story and shared her homemade recipe for DIY hand sanitizer for $1 with all drugstore/grocery store purchases. Give it a watch here:

The Ultimate Whole-House Deep-Cleaning Checklist

Ok now to get to the whole house deep clean. This is the checklist we found a while back that we love referring to whenever we get into a deep-clean-everything mode! But let’s go into a bit more detail about the types of products to use in each space and overall so keep scrolling down where we get into the real nitty gritty of it all! Also, if you are in need of a break from all the panic and want some light, pretty home decor refresher tips for Spring, check out this post. It’ll be more your speed — or a nice palette cleanser after this one. 😉 

Whole house deep cleaning checklist

The Best Air Purifiers on the Market

One of the best investments you can make in your home is in its air quality. That, of course means making sure the home, structurally, is well-insulated and that the windows tightly seal. You’ll want to be sure to keep air vents clean and install air purifiers. Now there are a few different ways you can go when it comes to air purifiers- varying price points, but we will say under $300 isn’t going to get you much juice and the Air IQ, top-of-the-market will run you a couple grand but is well worth it for that hospital-grade air at home! Here are some of our personal favs:

Our Favorite Vacuums 

Lori has an affinity for vacuuming! Anyone that’s worked in this office can tell you that. And what a difference having the right one makes. A good vacuum is going to be a good weight – easily portable (not like those ridiculous 50s honkers!) and sensitive to picking up dust. Here are some of the best vacuums money can buy that are actually (dare we say?) kind of fun to use. The Miele products (and no, they’re not even paying for this post – just a fav around here) make it easy to remember to run the vacuum once each day:

Best Natural All-Purpose Cleaning Products

As much as we love experimenting with making my own cleaning products sometimes the efficiency of capitalism takes over, we’re all busy, right? So here are some of our favorite store-bought go-to eco-friendly all-purpose cleaning products:

Focus on Kitchens and Baths First

If You Have to Fly or Travel Communally…

JetBlue and other airlines have already issued statements that they’ll be increasing the rigor of their cleaning and sanitization services and temporarily putting a pause on their hot towel service. If you’re flying, it’s probably best to avoid the luxe hot towels, as fab as they are! Also a good idea: travel with masks, wipes, and a good set of essential oils. Here are some of our favorites that come in adorable travel-sized containers. 

Green Interior Design Tips

Since our firm specializes in green interior design and sustainable interior architecture, we could go on forever! Here are a few digestible quick-tips that will get your home a little cleaner in no time:

Green Interior Design by Courtney Porter and Lori Dennis