Spring is here and there are plenty of quick and easy, budget friendly updates for you to try at home.  Today, we are sharing a handful of simple Spring bedroom refresh tips that hardly take any time, and will make your home feel light, airy and absolutely beautiful.

This is a time for renewal, rejuvenation and a total refresh, and that’s the kind of feeling we want in our homes this season.   You might be looking around your house and wondering,
How do I refresh my home décor? or How do I update my home for Spring?  

Let’s start in the bedroom, shall we?

Simple Spring Bedroom Refresh Tips

I love spring. It’s my favorite season! The fog has finally lifted, and we can feel a hint of warmer weather in the breeze, the smell of fresh flowers in the garden, and the sun shining bright through the windows.

Have you done your annual spring cleaning? If not, don’t worry, there’s a lot going on.

Check out a few of our latest posts to get you started:



If you’ve already started to clear things out, you might be looking for other ways to freshen up your space with touches of spring home décor, and there’s no better place to start than the bedroom!

Simple Spring Bedroom Refresh Tips

Here are 5 Simple Spring Bedroom Refresh Tips to freshen up your room this season:

Simple Spring Bedroom Refresh Tips

How Can I Decorate for Spring on a Budget?


Looking around your home to find accessories is one of the most environmentally and budget-friendly ways to give yourself a simple spring bedroom refresh.  Because you won’t have to go shopping, you save time, money and are able to maximize your home decor with accessories you already have.  It’s a Win-Win!  As you take a look around your place, try to see your home with fresh eyes, and think about whether you use an item or not, or if you can do something else with it.

Simple Spring Bedroom Refresh Tips

How Can I Spruce Up My Home For Spring?


Before you bring anything in, take a sweep around your house and see what you can get rid of.  I live by the philosophy of one in, one out.  Which means, if you see things that you haven’t used in a while, something you might not even like anymore, they’re simply collecting dust and taking up space.  Items to de-clutter, put away or get rid of would be knick-knacks, books, old photos, keepsakes and collections.  This is a great opportunity to either pot them away, sell them or give them to someone else who might get some use out of it.  Toss items that are broken or can’t be repaired because most people won’t be able to use it anyway.

Simple Spring Bedroom Refresh Tips

Image via Pinterest, Style Me Pretty

How Do I Update My Bedroom for the Spring on a Budget? 


Take a slow, meandering and curious tour around your home and look in all the cupboards, bookshelves, and drawers for things you can use to use as bedroom décor.  Kitchen items are always a great source of inspiration.  It could be as simple as to repurpose a water pitcher or drinking glass as a flower vase, or to use a pretty bowl as a jewelry catch-all.  Maybe use an old box that can be used to store things on your dresser (ah!  De-Clutter!).  You could plant a terrarium in one of your old glass jars or use a small basket to cover a flower pot.

Bolder upcycle projects might be something like: use an old door or tall shutters as a headboard, or paint a wooden ladder to use as a blanket or towel rack.  Be as creative and bold as you like, and remember, use what makes you happy and feel good.

Simple Spring Bedroom Refresh Tips

When I was on the Own Network’s Home Made Simple, we took a few terra cotta pots, painted them blue with organic shaped rings around it.  They were completely transformed and just like many of the designer pots we’ve seen in the showrooms.  Check out the DIY HOW TO UPDATE + PAINT A POT video!

Simple Spring Bedroom Refresh Tips


How Do You Make a Tie Dye?

If you’re up to the challenge and looking for a fun and easy activity to do at home, try to play with Dip Dye.  This is a home décor twist on the return of an old favorite trend of tie dying.
One of my favorite and simple DIY projects is dip dye pillows.  Check out this easy 2 minute HOW TO DIP DYE PILLOWS video I made on Home Made Simple.

Simple Spring Bedroom Refresh Tips

How Do I Freshen Up My Home Decorations?


Save on spring decorations by moving things around and finding new homes for your favorite accessories.  Because you’re switching things up, this will give your surfaces and bookshelves an automatic fresh look for spring without spending a dime.  First, take everything off the surfaces and dust.  Then, look around your house for other items you’d like to display, and play around.  Rearrange books and accessories, or swap out photos and art with something new.  If you have the space, try to move your furniture around so it’s a completely new floor plan.  You’ll feel like you’re living in a new space and might even discover new ways of using the room.

Simple Spring Bedroom Refresh Tips
Our client’s family collected ceramic and glass juicers, and we displayed them on the upper shelf.
They look great up there and are a fun conversation starter!

What do I Put on My Bookshelf?   How Can I Make My Bed Side Table Look Nice?   How Do I Decorate My Mantel?


      Raise the surface height and add an item you’d like to highlight, like a vase, a collection from your travel, or a framed photo.   Think variety in how you display books by either stacking them vertically on top of each other or lean them and use them as a bookend.
    • THINK IN 3’s
      Combine items into a cluster of 3, and vary the height to create visual interest.  For example, a small stack of books, a picture frame and an accessory.  Try not to clutter. Every cluster should have room around it to breathe.
      Soft + Hard, Glass + Wood (or Natural Textures), Square + Circle. Either contrast the colors or find similar colors that are slightly different.
      This is your chance to display your interests, your travels and things you love. It should be a small representation of you.  And like you, it will be ever-changing.
Simple Spring Bedroom Refresh Tips

Image via Pinterest, Simply Sianne

Simple Spring Bedroom Refresh Tips

Image via Benjamin Moore, Century Veronese Green

How Can I Make My Bedroom Look Better?


For a simple spring bedroom refresh, a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to transform any space.

    Linen white wall paint is our classic favorite and goes with absolutely everything from traditional to contemporary interiors.  We love it because it always feels so bright and clean, and is a beautiful neutral backdrop to furniture and art.

Simple Spring Bedroom Refresh Tips

    If you’re looking for more color, contrast the crisp white trim with denim blue, seafoam green or coral wall color.  But maybe you’re feeling extra motivated, so a big spring refresh would be to paint all the trim in your room(s) with a clean white paint (think: Baseboards, Crown Molding, Doors and Window trims.)  You’d be surprised at how many scuffs and grime show up throughout the years.Simple Spring Bedroom Refresh Tips
    If you want to dip your toes into the whole new room look, you could start with something small, like painting a colored accent wall or a bookshelf.
Simple Spring Bedroom Refresh Tips

Benjamin Moore Colors Picks for 2020


How Do I Refresh My Bedroom?


Now that the weather is warmer, it’s time to put away and store all the heavy winter items and reintroduce a lighter look and feel.  A simple spring bedroom refresh to try is add a couple of new throw pillows, a neutral duvet cover and sheers will help to lift the mood in your room and make it feel extra light and airy.

Simple Spring Bedroom Refresh Tips

How Can I Make a Bedroom Makeover?

Spring Bedroom Ideas for an easy makeover.

    Change up your seasonal style and go for fabrics with these patterns:
  • Graphics
  • Botanicals
  • Geometric
  • Florals

We love these laid back pillows from Ashley HomeStore:

Batik                                                        Woven Stripes                                                         Lola


    Open the windows for a fresh breeze and let the sun shine in. Adding sheers will give you privacy while also allowing the light to fill your room.
    Natural fabrics that are breathable are great when the weather is warmer.  Linen is my absolute favorite fabric for spring, and all year round.
    Check out this beautiful set of CRISPY WHITE LINEN SHEETS from Ashley HomeStore.  Linen is the best fabric because it’s naturally moisture-wicking which is great while you sleep.  It keeps me cool and comfortable all night long.  If you read last week’s BLOG ON SLEEP, we talked about the importance of keeping the temperature cool and comfortable during the night to avoid waking up due to night sweats. The best material for bed sheets would be linen, organic cotton or bamboo, along with sleeping on breathable mattress.

Simple Spring Bedroom Refresh Tips

How Do I Refresh My Home Decor?


Swapping out the colors in your bedroom for something lighter.  A new color will completely transform and freshen up your home in a flash and is a simple spring bedroom refresh must.

Simple Spring Bedroom Refresh Tips

Image via Color Solutions International

What are the Spring Colors?

Here are some Top Spring Bedroom Colors this year:

  • BLUE like Navy, Indigo and Faded Denim
  • GREEN like Seafoam or Mint, Moss and Hunter
  • WARM WHITE like Cream, Beige and Sand
  • BROWN like Taupe, Camel and Chocolate
  • COLORFUL YELLOW ACCENTS like Honey, Sunlight and Butter
  • COLORFUL ORANGE ACCENTS like Coral, Orange Peel and Saffron
  • COLORFUL RED ACCENTS like Peachy Pink, Cayenne, and Cranberry

Simple Spring Bedroom Refresh Tips

How Can I Freshen up My Bedroom?


Nothing says spring decor like a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  To give yourself a simple spring bedroom refresh, add a small bunch of flowers or branches to brighten up your room. They can be vibrant colors, or a pale collection of neutrals – whatever goes best with the style and mood of your bedroom.

What Are The Most Common Spring Flowers?

10 Most Popular Spring Flowers:

  • Lilac
  • Peony
  • Hydrangeas
  • Orchids
  • Hyacinth
  • Tulips
  • Primrose
  • Freesia
  • Daisies
  • Daffodils


What Are The Most Popular Spring Flowering Branches?

10 Most Popular Spring Flowering Branches:

  • Cherry Blossom
  • Honeysuckle
  • Forsythia
  • Flowering Pink Almond
  • Magnolia
  • Honeysuckle
  • Pussy Willow
  • Wisteria
  • Dogwood
  • Quince


A vase is something you will always use, whether it’s an empty accessory or used to display fresh flowers or branches.  These are a few of our favorite vases from Ashley HomeStore that go with any spring decor:


Dornitilla                                              Kelsang Earthenware Vase                                            Marcin


We’re so excited for you to try out any of these spring bedroom refresh tips.  Feel free to drop a comment below and let us know what you’ve done to make your home feel great this season!  Happy Spring!

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