One of the most common concerns of many of our clients with young families is How to Baby-Proof My Home.  And our common concern is how to protect the toddlers without making your home look incredibly tacky.  The good news is Interior Design has caught up with the needs of the modern family!  That means family friendly furniture, fabrics and decor are both beautiful and safe for everyone in the home.  Without a doubt, here are our top tips on Ways to Child-Proof Your Home in Style.

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Why is it Important to Child-Proof your Home?

When thinking about all the possibilities of what a newly crawling baby or rambunctious toddler can get into, the possibilities are endless and you’ll go crazy just thinking bout it.  Obviously, if they can grab it, reach it, open it, lick it – they will.

But let’s be honest for a second. Would you really like all the tables in your home to be wrapped in foam or plastic edge guards?  The sticky things do not come off easily and will most likely ruin your furniture.

We are here to tell you that it’s absolutely possible to protect your kids and still have nice things.  You just have to strike a balance, and be thoughtful about what you bring into your home.

Child Proof Furniture Living Room

Non-Toxic Fabrics + Materials

How can I make my house safe for kids?

Avoid materials made with off-gassing toxins, otherwise known as VOCs.  They are silent but deadly.

VOC’s can be found in paint, fabrics, cushions, carpet, rugs, cleaning products and air fresheners, and so much more.

Bedding, Upholstery, Linens + Rugs
Look for Natural Fibers like Organic Cotton (traditional cotton is still treated with pesticides and glyphosate), Bamboo or Linen.  They hold up well and are easy to wash.

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Child-Proof Your Home With Non Toxic Fabrics
5 Ways to Child-Proof Your Home With High Performance Fabrics

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Hi Performance Fabrics

Good News!  You can have kids AND that white sofa you’ve been dreaming of. The possibilities are endless, with hundreds of high performance fabrics to choose from.

If you already have furniture you’d like to keep, no problem. Schedule someone come out to apply eco-friendly fabric protection on all your upholstered furniture.

Look for High Performance Fabrics like Crypton, Perennials or Sunbrella.



When you have crawling toddlers in the home, the best window treatments are Roman Shades.  These will be out of the way from tiny grasping hands.

Rather than long, cascading drapes that can be easily pulled down, shades offer both window decoration and help to filter sunlight.

This balloon style shade is great for hiding roller shades just behind it (for ultimate black out protection).  Other contemporary valance styles include Straight, Step or Arch.

We highly recommend removing blinds from all your windows because they are pretty dangerous for young kids at home.  At the very least, they easily break and are not durable.  However, if you decide to keep blinds on your windows, keep them lifted at all times, and hidden behind a decorative window valance.  It’ll be our little secret.

Safety Tip: Avoid any long looping control cords hanging from the shades.  Cordless blinds are the cleanest and safest option.

5 Ways to Child-Proof Your Home
5 Ways to Child-Proof Your Home With Rounded Edges

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The first thing parents think of when wanting to child-proof the home is the furniture.

For a more laid back look that’s family friendly, select soft, organic shapes like a round upholstered ottoman and a sofa with curved arms.  (We love slip-covers on sofas because they’re easy to remove and throw in the laundry.)

Small modular tables are easy to cluster or move around.  When babies are learning how to walk, these are great to give them something to grab onto.

Game Room Design Kids


For your sanity – Get in the Zone.  In order to avoid having your entire home become an overwhelming romp-a-room, think about designated areas.

Decorative storage solutions like baskets, boxes and bins allow everything to have a home.  Items like supplies, toys or books can be easily accessible yet out of site, and easy to find when you need it.


5 Ways to Child-Proof Your Home

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