Outdoor Kitchens are a great way to cook, dine and entertain outdoors.  Because you’re outside in the fresh air and sunlight (or under a string of bistro lights), you’re actually being healthy and green.  Can you believe it?  When designing an outdoor space, the counter material is a hot topic in terms of style, durability and cleanliness. We’ve got the Best Eco-Friendly Outdoor Countertops for every Budget.

Caesarstone Outdoor Collection


Whenever possible, include an outdoor area in your backyard for cooking.  There must be something in our DNA that attracts us to places where food is cooking!  Like a moth to a flame.  When entertaining, most people end up in the Kitchen, and an Outdoor Kitchen is no exception. 

If you missed our previous post with The Best Ideas for an Outdoor Kitchen, you gotta check it out.  We went over the best layouts, plumbing and appliances, lighting and more!

Preparing and cooking food outside has its benefits. 

First, when people cook outside when the weather is warm, it reduces indoor heat and energy consumption.  This lessens the need to pump the air conditioning in the heat of the summer, and reduces the use of indoor appliances.

Second, there’s always less clean up when food is cooked on the grill or pizza oven.  Less clean up means you use less water, energy and other resources.

Third, food takes on a delicious flavor when prepared outside over a grill or a salt block.  The variety in dining experiences brought on by a cookout makes people so happy!  Must be all that sun and fresh air too!

Images via Caesarstone

When Selecting an Outdoor Countertop, Consider These 3 Things:

  • Environmentally Friendly Material
  • Durability
  • How Easy it is to Clean

Caesarstone, color in Clearskies

Image via Dekton by Cosentino

Natural Colors Collection of Dekton by Cosentino. More colors available.


If you’re searching for the highest quality indoor or outdoor countertops, look no further than the sophisticated material of Dekton.  It has it all – incredible strength, is non-porous, and offers a beautiful selection of colors and design.  How do they do it?  It’s magic, my dear!  Well actually, it’s an impressive revolutionary technology.  What would typically take natural stone thousands of years, Dekton is able to transform the raw materials produced in glass, quartz and porcelain, into the strength of stone.  

Price $$$$

Caesarstone Outdoor Collection

Image via Caesarstone Outdoor Collection


For our indoor projects, we love to specify the Pioneer of Quartz Countertops – Caesarstone.  Because of the high quality and beautiful craftsmanship in their materials, their products withstand the test of time.  And we’re so excited that they’ve FINALLY come out with a new Outdoor Collection!

Price $$$

Outdoor Countertop Backyard Kitchen

Image via Riostones


  • Extremely Durable
  • Mold and Bacteria Resistant, Making it Ultra-Hygienic.
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Heat and Freezing Resistant
  • Limited Water Absorption
  • Fireproof
  • Timeless for Any Style Home
  • Comes in a variety of colors to choose from


Image via Decorpad


A great selection for outdoor countertops that are both affordable and durable is concrete.  We love that it’s completely custom and won’t have any seams.  With a variety of color stains to choose from, concrete is perfect in any style home from modern to rustic, urban to farmhouse.  To contrast concrete, pair it against wood for a balanced, organic look and feel.  Although it has the potential to crack, those cracks can be fixed.  Don’t forget to property seal and re-seal the counter each year to avoid any stains.

Price $$

Concrete Counter Outdoor Kitchen

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