Water is a precious resource that unfortunately needs a lot of processing in order to make it usable.  If you think about it, we need filtered water in our homes for more than just drinking.  Here we break down why water needs to be filtered, what rooms in your home need a water filter, and why you should really invest in a whole house water filter, if you can.


Did you know that human adults are made up of about 60%-70% water?  And if you include all the molecules and minerals in our bodies, that bumps us up to 98.8% water! Knowing this makes it even more important that we take care of the water we use to drink and bathe with.

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Installing water filters for drinking and shower water eliminates chlorine and pesticides (among other toxins) from the home’s water supply.  This makes your water safer and taste so much better!

Kitchen filtration systems encourage homeowners to drink water directly from the tap rather than buying bottled water.  When you drink filtered water at home, you’ll reduce the use of toxic plastic and bottles that end up in the landfill.  Great for you and the environment!

Adding a filter to your shower head will also reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals found in the water supply.

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So let’s start with the dirty business, shall we?


What Contaminants Do Water Filters Remove?

Because of the industrial revolution and the human drive toward technology over the past +100 years, our water supply is now filled with a lot of contaminants. Greeeeeeaaaat.


  • Lead
  • Chlorine + Chloramine (Ammonia)
  • Mercury
  • Fluoride
  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Pesticides + Herbicides + Fungicides
  • Heavy Metals
  • Pharmacological Compounds
  • Cysts (microbial parasites)
  • Endocrine (Hormone) Disrupters
  • Gas
  • PFASs – Per & Polyfluorinated Substances, which are Manufactured Chemicals found in the following:
    • Food contaminated by soil or water
    • Household Products like nonstick (Teflon), polishes, paint, cleaning products, fire-retardant foam + fabrics and stain or water resistant fabrics.

You can imagine the kind of chronic illness and disease this causes over time.  Our bodies were not meant to handle the amount of toxins we’re exposed to on a daily basis.  And our local water municipalities are simply not equipped to be able to filter so many toxic contaminants from our tap water.



Whole House Water Filter for Bathroom Remodel


Recognizing the need for a water filter is the first step, right?  Where you go from there really depends on your budget and the amount of space you have in your home.  Just do the best you can with what you’ve got.



  • Countertop Water Filter (like a Berkey or AquaTru).
  • Ultraviolet UV Light / Sunshine
  • Unfortunately, filter water pitchers like Brita or Pur don’t really do the trick.
  • All Natural Spring Water Delivery (Not Bottled.) Available through Find a Spring.
  • Undersink Reverse Osmosis Filtration System
    PRO TIP:  When selecting an R.O. sealed tank system, if you purchase a unit with a holding tank (ex. +5 gallons), you must sanitize the tank before you install, and every time you change filters.  Also, be sure to drain or use all of the water in the container each day.  By removing all of the water in the tank, you will reduce the amount of microbial bacterial that may collect in unused sitting water.
  • Showerhead Water Filter
  • Whole House Reverse Osmosis Water Filter – Tankless

AquaTru Reverse Osmosis System

Natural Spring Water

Under counter Reverse Osmosis

LivePristine Shower Filter

Whole House Water Filter Kitchen Laundry


Water Filters can treat water and greatly reduce thousands of chemicals in a few of ways.  Make sure to look for these important aspects when searching for a water filter:

 2 Technologies That Remove or Reduce all Chemicals and Contaminants:

  • Distillation + Activated Carbon
  • Reverse Osmosis + Activated Carbon (Process of separating any particles from water)
    BONUS:  Reduce spots using Reverse Osmosis water or a rinse. Your sink, shower glass and cars will thank you!
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It’s all about ease, comfort, and the health and safety of you and your family.

A whole house system is much more efficient to install on a small wall in the garage, rather than using multiple filtration systems all over the house.  One and done!

We understand if you’re renting or have limited space at home.  #HomeGoals.  Head back up to the other options we talked about earlier and do the best with what you have at the moment.

However, if you are in the market, or are planning on purchasing a new home or remodeling your existing home, we can’t recommend a whole house water filter enough.

You only have to think about one product that works for the whole Kitchen, Laundry Room, and every Bathroom in the house.  Don’t forget about the benefit of clean water for your landscape too!



As we know, the quality of our drinking water is really important to our overall health.

And reducing the use of plastic bottled water is also really important to our planet’s health.

With a whole house water filter, you can drink water from the Kitchen Sink, Island Sink, Bar Sink, Refrigerator, and any Bathroom faucet in the house. Even when you brush your teeth!

I’ll never forget an interview I heard with Erin Brockovich (the famous fighter for clean water).  She said that in most situations, she’d rather brush her teeth with beer than use tap water.

Well, that sure says a lot.


Whole House Water Filter Bathroom Remodel
Whole House Water Filter Bathroom Shower



Our skin is our biggest organ, and what we put on our body matters.

A water filter on the shower head is great because it filters out all the toxins and contaminants that rinse your hair and skin.

While a filtered shower head is a great option, and better than nothing, it could also look a bit bulky.  This tends to take away from the clean and contemporary bath fixtures you had in mind.

Pro Tip: If you’re using a filtered shower head, make sure to uninstall and soak it every year to remove calcium deposits.

But what about the bathtub?  Mmmm . . . now you’re soaking in Toxic Soup.  (Sorry for the visual).  A whole house filter allows you to sit in a tub full of water, completely worry-free.  After all, that’s the purpose of a relaxing bathtub experience!



By installing a whole house water filtration system, you reduce clutter from the counter, floor space, or under the sink.

The counters will be clean and free of extra tools and appliances.  The refrigerator will have more room to store food. There’s no 5 gallon water jug on a tower placed in a corner.

Now you’ll have room for all the other items you like to store under the sink, like eco-friendly cleaning products and supplies.

The Washing Machine and Dishwasher will also be taken care of, using clean water to wash your clothes and dishes.

It might be a challenge to install a different water filter in the Kitchen and every Bathroom in the house.  Don’t forget to then change the filters every 2 years.  That can be a lot to manage, depending on the size of your home!

Save yourself the stress and hassle.  You’ll thank us later.


Water Filter Kitchen Design
Neutral Living Room Furniture



We used to just water our indoor plants with tap water and the outdoor plants with the hose. No big deal, right?

Then one day, we thought we’d use our filtered water because if the tap water is bad for us, it’s probably bad for the plants too.

And wouldn’t ya know, a month or so later the leaves on the plants were bigger, greener and looked so vibrant.  They really looked alive!

It goes without question that we always give our animals the same water we drink.

If that’s not a testament to what clean water does for living things, I don’t know what is.

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