We are passionate about air quality in our interior design firm and we believe it to be a make or break for your ultimate health.  It’s important to remove dust, pollen, viruses, odors, pet dander, toxic chemicals and bacteria from any room or indoor space.  We’ve done our research and discovered the 3 Best Air Purifiers for your home.  Here we go! 

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We’re all hyper aware of the importance of the quality of indoor air.  Not only because of the off-gassing or toxic products used in our homes, but also so that we keep viruses and illnesses away.  A routine we love to do each morning is to open up the windows and let a fresh breeze in. 

With our firm’s focus on Green Living, we get a lot of requests to help create not just beautiful, but healthy homes.  One of our more popular posts on 13 Terrifying Toxins to Remove From Your Home is a must read.

Another must have to maximize indoor air is to have an air purifier in the home.

The bedroom is a great place to have an air purifier because this is where you rest, regenerate and restore every cell in your body for about 8 hours a day.  And you’ll want to give your cells the best chance to recuperate.


Trust us when we say, don’t waste your time or money buying inexpensive filters that won’t actually do a great job purifying the air.

Remember the phrase You Get What You Pay For.  Or Pay Once, Cry Once.  Just bite the bullet and buy the best out there.  This is one area where buying new (or refurbished) and the best is always worth it.

The Best 3 Air Purifiers For Your Home


Healthy Home Ideas

1.  IQAir

Our Top recommendation is the medical grade air purifier IQAir. 

It’s so important to have clean air while you sleep, and this one does the trick.  We’d really suggest you go for the gold here. 

IQAir is the ultimate, hyperHEPA heavy-duty filter that cleans the air in the car, room or whole house, depending on your needs and budget.  Check them out HERE.

Take their QUIZ to find out which air purifier is best for you.

Healthy Home Ideas Best Air Purifiers
Bedroom Furniture Ideas Best Air Purifiers
Healthy Home Ideas Best Air Purifiers

2.  AirDoctor

AirDoctor Air Purifier is the best bang for your buck.  It’s 100 times more effective than a HEPA filter in reducing carbon, VOC’s, viruses, bacteria and gases from your home.

Our favorite features are the built in air quality monitor and the fact that it’s 30% more quiet than ordinary filters.

Available in 3 sizes that clean rooms anywhere from 235 sq. ft. to 2170 sq. ft.

More info on AirDoctor HERE.


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3.  Molekule

What sets the technology in the Molekule apart from others is that unlike most air filters, which merely capture and collect pollutants, the Molekule also destroys them.  It’s also a rather elegant-looking device, if we do say so!

Perfect for any size you need – mini for the desktop, or full size on the floor.

See their latest models and more info HERE.


3 Best Air Purifiers for Home


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3 Best Air Purifiers for Home

The 3 Best Air Purifiers For Your Home | by Sara Plaisted
along with excerpts from Green Interior Design
written by Lori Dennis and Courtney Porter