Saving water is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable ways to make your home green.  We list the Top 5 Plumbing Fixtures in your house that will help conserve water in the Kitchen and Bathrooms.
Conserve Water with Kitchen Plumbing Features
When selecting appliances and plumbing fixtures for a remodel, renovation or to upgrade into a more green home, pay close attention to water and energy conservation features in addition to performance and style.  And make sure to select quality materials that will last for decades.

We did a great post on Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient, if you’re searching for ideas on how to lower your energy costs.

If you’re purchasing salvaged materials, be certain that you are not sacrificing water or energy efficiency.  The WaterSense label will lead you in the right direction for water-efficient fixtures, or make sure to look in the set of filters to narrow down your options.

There are just too many people on this planet to waste fresh water.  The water that comes from the tap is not limitless.  It is a finite resource, and it’s getting expensive.

Designing in a water-wise manner will be required by law in the coming years.  We’ve already seen it here in California.  Studies say that in the next decade, water shortages will be a serious worldwide problem.  Our current water resources will not be sufficient anymore.

If we want the next generation to have fresh clean water, we will need to take a new approach toward our usage and waste.


Water Saving Plumbing for Bathroom

As we continue to pollute our world with manufacturing, waste and toxic chemicals, clean water becomes scares.  The human population is growing faster than our freshwater supply and will not continue to meet our needs in the next century if we don’t change our ways.

Water Saving Plumbing Bathroom


Save Water Dual Flush Toilet Bathroom Image


I’ll give it to you straight. Toilet flushing is the single largest use of water in most homes.  While 1.6 gallons per flush is the standard, it’s not always necessary for every flush.  So look for dual-flush toilets, which means lower volume flush for liquid, stronger volume for solids).

Dual Flush Toilets are great because they use about 20% less water than the standard 1.6 gallon required by law.

Save Water Dual Flush Toilet Bathroom Image


Make sure you keep a trash can in every bathroom.  This helps to prevent the toilet from being used as a waste basket.

Water Saving Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures Faucet Shower
Water Saving Plumbing Kitchen Faucet


Low-flow faucets and showerheads can save a home tens of thousands of gallons of water every year.  In fact, new technology in faucet aerators reduces water flow by 60%, and saves about 3 gallons of water per minute.

It’s also a good idea to reduce your showers and faucet use in general. For example, turn off the water while lathering up your body, hair and teeth.


In order to use fewer cleaning products, specify matte plumbing fixtures instead of chrome or other shiny surfaces.  The matte surfaces won’t show as many water spots.

Whole House Water Filter Bathroom Shower


Installing water filters for drinking and bathing water eliminates chlorine, fluoride and pesticides from your home’s water supply, making it safer and taste better.

We have talked about this before in depth in our previous post on Why You Need a Whole House Water Filter.

Whole House Water Filter Bathroom Faucet
Water Saving Dishwasher Kitchen Plumbing


A fully loaded dishwasher will commonly use less water than hand-washing dishes.  There are also newer models that use the least amount of water while still giving your dishes a solid clean.

Look for machines with booster heaters, which use heat to clean as opposed to water.


We gotta say, the greenest Kitchens won’t have disposals.  Instead, all food waste will be placed in a compost pail and used as fertilizaer for soil.  Less water will be wasted, and less garbage will have to be processed.  People who practice composting their food tend to be more aware of the amount of waste that’s created.

If composting isn’t for you, it’s better to just toss the food in the trash where it will eventually decompose. Food sent down the drain negatively affects acquatic life, wastes electricity and about 2,000 gallons of water a year.


Water Saving Kitchen Plumbing
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Top 5 Plumbing Fixtures that Save Water at Home
Excerpts from the book Green Interior Design by Lori Dennis and Courtney Porter