Natural Living continues to lead the Interior Design Top Trends for 2022.  We’re talking about colors, materials, lifestyle, eco-friendly products and more.

Top Interior Design Trends

When Decorilla recently featured our firm in the their Top Interior Design Trends for 2022, we noticed that many of their new trends have been staples with us for years.  (I mean, we did write the book on Green Interior Design.)   In fact, many of the Interior Design Tips and Style Trends we just talked about in our post for 2020, are still going strong, and you can check it out HERE.

We’re so happy to see that many thoughtful, green interior design ideas are making headlines.  Here are some of our faves:

Interior Design Trends

Top 10 Interior Design Trends for 2022

Natural Colors and Materials Interior Design Trends


To us, including nature in our Interior Design is never a trend, but a way of life.  This doesn’t only include adding indoor plants to your home design, although that is a must have in any space.  In fact, if you need any plant advise for how to select and not kill your houseplants, head over to our previous posts on How to KeepHouseplants Alive, Part 1 and Part 2.

Design an Indoor Outdoor Lifestyle in all your living spaces.  Think about ways to expand your Living Room, Dining Area, Kitchen or Bedrooms into an outdoor patio or balcony.  Create a beautiful snapshot of the garden just beyond your windows.  Or install expansive gridless windows and sliding or according doors that really capture the views outside.  (You can always purchase these at our trusted supplier, Lion Windows and Doors.)

Add natural, Earthy Elements and Materials to every room in your home. Like any of these: 

  • Scultpures made of Ceramics, Pottery or Porcelain
  • Woods in a Bleached White or Dark Walnut Finish
  • Mixed Metals like Steel, Gold, Nickel or Iron
  • Glass
  • Cement
  • Gorgeous Slabs of Stone
  • Something Handmade
  • Natural Woven Textiles like Hemp, Cotton, Linen, Cane, Grasscloth or Rattan
  • Textured Fabrics like Velnet, Boucle, Organic Cotton or Soft Sheers that Blow in the Breeze


Multi Use Room Trend


We have a feeling that Multi-Purpose Rooms and another lasting trend well beyond 2022.  These are the rooms where you can do it all – Work, Play, Cook and Eat. 

Now more than ever, we are combining Kitchens and Dining Rooms with Work and Craft Spaces.  Select furniture that has multiple uses and can be taken from one space to the other.  Don’t forget to look for durable materials and furniture that are easy to clean and have tons of storage options.

See our previous post on more inspiring interior design ideas for Creative Multi-Functional Rooms.

Zen Bedroom Trend


We’re all looking to our homes as a place to retreat, relax and recuperate.  With a simplistic and minimal design style, zen automatically induces peace calm and tranquility to any room.  

Take a look around your home and find ways to reduce clutter.  Our eyes can relax when there isn’t a lot of stuff going on in a room.  Open the windows to allow in natural light.  And don’t forget to use soft and sensual bedding, rugs and upholstered furniture for that extra comfort.

For more zen home ideas, head over to our previous post 10 Ways to Make Your Home More Zen.

Home Office Trend


Now that we are working from home on a more permanent or semi-permanent basis, it’s time to get serious about where work in the home.  No more hunching over the kitchen island on a backless stool.

Find a good, supportive chair, for starters.  Keep your computer at eye level and keep all the cords under control.  Staying organized and creating a routine is another great way to keep work and private life separate.

We talked a lot about this in our post on How To Dress Your Desk for Success.


Top 10 Interior Design Trends for 2022

Sustainable Organic Design Trend


The best way to buy eco-friendly home furnishing and durable materials is to select items that are long lasting.  This way you won’t be tossing them in the garbage in a few years.

When shopping for upholstered furniture, bath, bedding, look for fabrics made of Organic Cotton, Linen, Bamboo or Hemp.  

We talk about some of our favorite sustainable furniture manufacturers in our post Where Do You Shop for Sustainable Furniture and other Eco-Friendly Buying Tip HERE.

Light Wood Flooring Trend


Light wood flooring is a great way to make a house feel big and expansive.  It contrasts beautifully with other warmer wood or soft upholstered furniture.  Perfect for creating that natural and neutral interior you’re looking for.

Natural Earthy Interior Design Trend


Using natural colors in the home like brown, grey, white and black will always be in style.  Take a tip from nature and get inspired.  Bring in a balance of wood, stone, ceramic, metal and glass to get that organic look.

Benjamin Moore White Dove Wall Paint Living Room


White walls are classic.  They are the neutral backdrop to all art, furniture and people in the home.  Our favorite go-to white wall paint is Benjamin Moore White Dove because it has a soft putty undertone that feels really modern.

Interior Design Trend


Adding a touch of black to any room instantly makes it feel more modern.  It’s a grounding color that adds depth and texture to your home.  Try it in your door or cabinetry hardware, drapery rods, lamps or rugs.

Living Room Trend


Velvet is both comfortable and sexy at the same time.  It’s a fabric that can make a room feel extra luxurious and cozy all at once.  We love the softness paired with hard surfaces like warm woods or metal finishes.  Go bold and pick a jewel tone color like teal or emerald.


How to Achieve Style and Sustainability

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Green Interior Design Trend 2022