Experts agree on The IT color for Interior Design next year!  We’ll give you a hint: it goes both ways and swings between modern and traditional, which makes it perfect for any style.  Here are 10 Ways to Use the 2022 Color of the Year at Home.
Color of the Year 2022
Every year around this time in Fall, major paint brands and color specialists present their predictions for the color the year.  And this time, it was pretty close to unanimous.



Color of the Year 2022
Benjamin Moore: October Mist
Color of the Year 2022
Sherwin Williams: Evergreen Fog
Color of the Year 2022
PPG: Olive Sprig
Color of the Year 2022
Behr: Breezeway

Isn’t That Interesting?

Color of the Year 2022

via Gardening Know How


We may be biased, but we are all about the Green.  Our philosophy in interior design has always been about sustainability and health.  We love to bring the outdoors in, to add touches of nature to our immediate surroundings and to create an environment rich with wellness.

This shade of green has a slight grey undertone which really makes it feel updated and modern.

Green can take on many meanings from an abundance of nature to stability and wealth.  With a blend of yellow and blue, green is both energizing and relaxing at the same time.

More examples of the meaning of the color Green:

  • Balance + Harmony
  • Health + Healing
  • Clean
  • Organic
  • Nature + Mother Earth
  • Sustainability + Eco-Friendly
  • Growth + Progression
  • Fresh and New
  • Wealth + Stability
  • Abundance of Luck + Prosperity
  • Holds Value
  • Promotes Peace
  • Fair + Just
  • Wisdom
  • Efficiency

The Psychological Effects of the Color Green can be:

  • Peaceful, Calming Comfort + Relaxation
  • Restorative
  • Positive Feelings
  • Security
  • Enhances Cognitive Brain Function
  • Balance
  • Logical


Color of the Year 2022


10 Ways to Use  the 2022 Color of the Year at Home


Painting a room is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to completely transform a space.

This year’s shade of green would be beautiful in an entry, bedroom or bathroom because of the comfortable and casual feeling.

If you’d like to dip your toe in, try a single wall or hallway as an accent that peaks through a doorway when seen from a distant.

If you’re feeling daring and ultra modern, go ahead and paint both the walls and the ceiling.  Create an all encompassing space for an ultimate sanctuary.


Color of the Year 2022

Sherwin William’s Evergreen Fog

Color of the Year 2022



Nothing says cozy rejuvenation like a set of new bedding in this year’s color of the year.  Splurge on a linen duvet and finish it off with a set of Organic Cotton Sheets.  Your body will thank you.

Both fabrics are incredibly soft and durable, and feel great next to your skin.  You may never want to get out of bed!


Freshen up your bathroom with a set of new towels for an instant update.  If you haven’t already, now is a great time to swap out synthetic fibers and go green.  Literally.  (Ok, we walked into that one!)

Look for towels made of organic cotton or bamboo, and give yourself and your guests the ultimate self-care spa experience.

Bath Towels Green

Nothing says stability more than a well made piece of furniture finished in green.

Bring the look and feel of nature indoors with a pop of relaxing green.

This year’s color of the year could almost be another neutral, with the soft grey undertones.



Adding art to any room instantly brings the space alive and tells a story.  It transports you and evokes a mood.

A piece of art with a lot of green has the potential of changing how you feel.

It could motivate you in an office and help you think better, changing your mentality for the day ahead.

Or it could soothe you in the bedroom, making you feel at peace and secure.


Color of the Year Bedroom
Tile Bar Sasha Hex Color of the Year

Tile Bar


This year’s color of the year is so beautiful in wall or floor tile, instantly transporting you to nature outside.

Play with different shapes and sizes to see what fits best in your room.

We love the contrasting earthy grout in this green mosaic tile.  It feels like a bit of sandy soil is coming up through the light blue, green and yellow color variation tiles.



A Kitchen with light green grey cabinets feels so natural and organic – so fresh and so clean.

After years of all white kitchens and baths, it’s time for a little sprig of color, wouldn’t you say?  Because this year’s green has a slight grey undertone, it feels modern and new at the same time.

If having all the cabinets painted green is a little too much of a stretch, try just the island.  Or maybe just the bottom cabinets and leave the uppers white, or use floating shelves for an even more relaxed and laid back style.


Via Sherwin Williams @kindredinteriors 

Light Green Dishware

Urban Outfitters


Replacing or adding a set of dishware is an easy way to update your dining table.

This year’s shade of green will easily take you from fall, through the holidays, into spring and summer.




Adding a small touch of a new color here and there is an easy and affordable way to freshen up a room without breaking the bank.

For example, a vase is a great way to bring form and function to any room, tabletop or bookshelf.  It can hold fresh flowers or act alone as a piece of art.

Other small accessory items to add in would be pillows and a casual throw blanket, which instantly change the look and feel of a sofa, chair or bed.

Remember to Shop at Home:  Look around in all your rooms and cabinets and see if you can find anything in this color.  You might be surprised at what you find.

Bathroom Design Color of the Year
Color of the Year Bathroom Wallpaper

Walnut Wallpaper


Bring in a touch of sophistication and completely transform any room with wallpaper.

A Powder Room is a great place to make a big impression.  So don’t be afraid to have fun and create a little drama in a small room that everyone will see.

Go Green and look for woven wallpapers made of grasscloth, linen, raffia or even wood veneer.



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Interior Design Inspiration Using Green

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