When we think of the holiday season, we like to focus on peace and joy, and how we can bring more of this to our friends and family.  And this year, we’ve found The Best Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Gift Ideas for the Home that are sure to bring comfort, health and happiness to all.

The Best Eco-Friendly and Sustainable 
Gift Ideas for the Home this Holiday Season


The best way to shop for holiday gifts is to support your local small business.  Shopping Local is so much more sustainable and fun when you can see, touch and feel what you’re buying and who you’re buying from.   

It’s really a two-for-one!  You’re giving support to your community and someone who is actively creating something special.  Plus you’re giving a gift of something truly unique and hand made.

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas


Give the gift of healthy cooking this year.  Our friends (and clients) over at Forks Over Knives will not stop raving about this triple fired enameled cast iron dutch oven by Great Jones, The Dutchess.

We love the over-sized handles and oval shape that makes cooking really easy.  If you’re ready for a full set, check out the Family Style 5-piece collection.  You won’t be disappointed!  Pieces come in 8 cool colors, with a modern grey lining that hides any stains. 



Have you ever tried the feeling of deep relaxation with a weighted blanket?  If not, you’re in for a treat! 

We love this quilted organic cotton weighted blanket by Baloo because it’s perfect to use all year round in any climate, and stays cool without trapping a lot of heat.

The all-natural earthy fabric is free of chemicals, and highly durable with glass microbead fill that holds in place and is easy to wash at home.


For those of you ready for a healthy home splurge that’s totally worth it, a Infrared Sauna is a must have.

Far Infrared Saunas are amazing because they help to burn calories, reduce joint pain and stiffness caused by inflammation, get rid of toxins, reduce stress and relax your body for a deep sleep.



We like to say that lighting is the jewelry of the home.  And what better way to add a little beauty and function to your office desk or side tables than with this gorgeous Roden Lamp by Lite Source?

The soft curves of the creamy half dome shade paired with the free-flowing antique brass arm are a wonderful way to lighten up a room.  The USB connector on the base adds convenience for charging phones and other devises nearby.  

This lamp also comes in a matte black finish.





Nothing (quietly) screams casual, cool and comfortable luxury like a set of organic linen bed sheets.  And the ultimate in sustainable gift giving for home is found at Coyuchi.

Organic linen lasts longer, and gets better and better with every wash.  Great for any season, this linen grown from French Flax, stays cool in the hotter months and warm in the colder seasons. 


Bring an abundance of color to someone’s life this holiday season with one of our favorite eco-friendly gifts is by Uncommon Goods.

Made with recycled glass and hand blown (or should we say mouth blown) by Mexican artisans, these glasses are sure to bring joy and festivities to any gathering.

Pick your favorite colored glass and you’ll never wonder which drink is yours.



Oh, it’s time.  Time to upgrade the home office chair and go with something functional, simple and beautiful.  Like any work from home person now realizes, we spend a lot of time with our buns in the chairs.  And we need it to be comfortable.

That’s why we love the Diffrient World Chair from Humanscale.  Plus the fact that it’s a really sustainable piece of office furniture.  It’s high quality, ergonomic and comfortable for any user, and one of the top rated environmentally friendly manfucturers.  Don’t believe us?  Read more here.



The best looking gift for any cat (or their person) is the Stellar Cat Bed by Tuft + Paw.   

This award winning modern cylinder cat bed is made of yarn that sits on a low metal base, which adds a contemporary style to any home.  A faux fur blanket lays inside, bringing another level to living in the nap of luxury.

Donations to Charity Holiday Gift


The holidays are a time to find gratitude for the people and things you have in your life.

And it’s also a time of giving, especially to those less fortunate – and most of us are pretty fortunate.

We encourage you to find a cause that speaks to you and offer what you can.

The Best Eco-Friendly and Sustainable 
Gift Ideas for the Home this Holiday Season

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Green Gift Guide for the Holidays

The Best Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Gift Ideas for the Home this Holiday Season