Lighting is a very important aspect of designing your home. Not only does it help you see as you move and work around the room, but it also set the mood and shows your personality.  If you’re thinking about remodeling or redesigning your home, consider using lighting as a way to give it that extra touch that makes all the difference. Here are some tips for how to Light Your Home in Style.

Lighting for a Modern Home


We often say lighting the jewelry of your home.  The placement, source and fixture type are a opportunity to express a style that’s both reflective of you and the home’s architecture.  You may want a modern minimal look that is more subtle and refined. Or you may want all the gold and glamour so that each room shines.  It’s up to you whether you’d like to match the style of the lighting with the architecture of the room, or if you’d like to contrast the look for a more striking finish.

Lighting Tips for Home


The first step to lighting your home in style is choosing the right light source. The most common types of illumination are from light bulbs, which come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The most common shapes and styles are standard bulbs and candelabra bulbs.  However, there are so many more fun shapes and styles available now, like both small and large globe, tubular and Edison filament LED.  Warm color bulbs are softer, while cooler bulbs mimic direct light from the mid-day sun.

Lighting Ideas for Home


Standard overhead light locations are either recessed can or linear light strips.  Often, rooms such as the Living Room, Dining Room or Kitchen Island will have an option for a ceiling mount light fixture such as a Flush Light, Semi-Flush Light, Chandelier, smaller Pendant or Ceiling Fan. 

Lighting Inspiration for Masculine Home
Kitchen Lighting


If you want something more interesting than just an overhead fixture, consider using lamps instead.  Fun lampshades add color, texture and pattern to any room while providing plenty of illumination in the evening.  They’re also great for reading or working because they provide focused light without a shadow on your work surface.

Lamp Ideas for Lighting at Home
Lighting Inspiration for Home

Lamps come in many different styles: hanging pendant lamps are perfect for adding some flair above a Dining table or Kitchen island.  Floor lamps can accentuate certain areas within your Living Room or Primary Suite.  Chandeliers make beautiful focal points when hung over large tables or seating areas.  And sconces provide ambient lighting throughout hallways or bedrooms.  The possibilities are endless!

Bedroom Lighting
Lighting for a Modern Home


Using large windows or sliding glass doors are the best way to say All-Natural.  Natural light is the most comfortable and easy on your eyes, and it can be used to create a more relaxing and productive environment.

Lighting for a Modern Home


Natural light has been shown to reduce stress levels and improve moods while also reducing eye strain from staring at screens all day long. When you combine this with the fact that natural light is free (and therefore more environmentally friendly), it’s no wonder why so many homeowners invest in quality windows that let in as much sunlight as possible!

Lighting for a Modern Home


To maximize light that comes in naturally through your windows, keep them clean.  It’s the easiest thing to do and makes such a big difference!

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Tips on Lighting Your Home


General lighting includes overhead light sources, including chandelier, pendant, recessed can lights, track light, flush or semi flush light fixtures.

When hanging a chandelier or pendant, for example over seating in the Living Room or in a Bedroom, install the fixture so that the lowest portion is at least 7 ft above the floor.  When hanging a chandelier or pendant above a Dining Table or Kitchen Island, install the light fixture so that the lowest portion is between 30” – 36” above the counter surface.

Lighting Tips for Any Home


Task lighting is best for reading, working and other close up tasks, like choppin’ broccoli.  It can be used in kitchens at a work station, bathroom vanities while getting ready, and offices or bedrooms when you’re focused on reading and writing. Task lights are typically just above or below eye level so that the light source isn’t glaring, but rather shining directly on the object you’re looking at. 

Tips for Lighting a Home
Bathroom Lighting


Blending a variety of light sources is important for areas like Kitchens and Bathrooms.  For example, installing wall sconces at eye level (not above), along with overhead lights, are ideal for having the best light possible while getting ready.  A sconce will shine light directly on your face, rather than casting a shadow under your eyes from the overhead lights. The same goes for the Kitchen.  Having under-cabinet light strips shine directly onto whatever you’re preparing.  Depending solely on recessed lights in the Kitchen may cast a shadow on your food prep because your body is blocking the light coming from the ceiling.

Kitchen Lighting
Modern Bathroom Lighting


Task lights are essential for reading, working or any other time when you need bright light in one specific area of your home. A task lamp should be adjustable so that you can direct the light where it’s needed. Look for one with a flexible neck or arm that allows you to point the bulb wherever it is needed most. The beam angle should also be wide enough to cover your entire workspace but narrow enough not to lose too much light as it travels across the room (or office).

Modern Home Lighting Ideas


Ambient lighting is a soft, indirect light that fills a room and makes it feel more comfortable and cozy. Ambient lighting can be used to set the mood in a room, highlight certain areas of your home, or light up an entire space.

When it comes to ambient lighting, accent lights add style through decorative pieces like sconces or chandeliers over dining tables; they also help illuminate artwork on walls if necessary.

Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Ambient light is essential for creating a warm and inviting living space.

Ambient lighting is the overall light in a room that creates a general level of light that is not focused on one particular area. It helps create a warm and inviting living space, which can be achieved with floor lamps, pendant lights and chandeliers.

Mood Lighting for Sexy Interiors

Dimmer Switches for the Win!

To add more mood to any room, install a dimmer switch.  This will not only help to save on energy costs, but it allows you to lower the lighting as the night gets later.  Transitioning the lights will help you with circadian rhythm, easing you closer to bed for a restful sleep.

How to Select Light Fixtures for Home
Modern Lighting Ideas for Home


Spotlights, whether art lamps or track lights should be directed at the most important part of a piece of art or furniture to accentuate it.

Spotlights are a great way to accentuate art, furniture or other objects that you want to highlight in your home. They can also be used to create a focal point in any room.

Directional Can Lights, Art Lights or Track Lights can be directed at the most important part of a piece of art or furniture to accentuate it.  Art is typically hung at eye level with the art light just above it.  Just think of how you view art in a museum without having to crank your neck.

Modern Home Lighting Ideas


Track Lights are a great option when  you have exposed beam or wood ceilings and do want or have the option to install recessed lights.  Contrast the fixture finish against the ceiling color to make the lights stand out, or hide the track next to a beam, in the same color.  If you prefer a track lighting system to completely go away, consider a rail system, which looks modern and simple.

Lighting for Home


The color temperature of a light bulb is measured in kelvins, and it’s important to know what you’re getting when you buy your bulbs. The lower the number of kelvins, the warmer your light will be.  Think under 2,700K (kilo degrees Kelvin). This type of warm glow is perfect for relaxing areas like bedrooms or living rooms where you want to unwind at night after a long day.

Higher color temperatures are cooler, from 3K all the way up to 6K.  Bulbs with higher Kelvin provide more energizing illumination that makes them better suited for reading nooks or work spaces like offices or Kitchens.

Lighting Inspiration for Home


We tend to stick to no warmer than 2,700 kelvin, which is a warm soft white light.  3,000 tends to push the light closer to blue, mimicking the brightness of the sun at high noon. 

We recommend you follow the arch path of the sun in your lighting at home.  In the morning and evening, the light is warm and diffused.  Mid-day is quite bright as you are working hard and focused.  Easing into the evening and night, the light starts to warm into a soft yellow, amber and red.  (Think of campfire).  The color temperature pattern helps your brain and body understand the rhythm that’s best for sleep, and regulates your circadian rhythm. 

Modern Home Lighting Tips
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