Life is filled with unexpected twists and turns?  If you’ve found yourself newly single, it might be the perfect time to give yourself a home make-over. Redesigning your home post-divorce or break-up isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s a chance to reclaim your space, reconnect with yourself, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.  Follow along to learn how to get tips on how to get that Masculine Interior Design Style for a Single Man Post Break-Up.

Home Remodel for Man

As you step into this new chapter, why not infuse your space with a touch of masculinity? Masculine interior design isn’t just about dark colors like a black leather sofa and grey walls – it’s about creating a space that resonates with your energy, style, and identity.

Some of our favorite projects have been interior design for a single man.  We appreciate the practical comfort, bold details and a classic color palette that create a sexy and sophisticated space.  Using clean lines and natural elements, along with deep rich tones can transform any boring beige room into a home that looks and feels more like you.

Let’s dive into some ideas on how to transform your living space into an updated bachelor pad that not only reflects who you are but also helps you find your balance and strengthen your well-being, with the expert guidance of an interior designer.

Home Office masculine design


As you begin the home redesign process, take a look around and identify items that hold meaning and resonate with you. Don’t be afraid to let go of things that remind you of the past if it’s not working for you, or never felt quite right to begin with.  You may like some of the furniture in a room, but the rest makes you feel apathetic when you look at it.  Maybe there are too many curved furniture, florals, pastels or trinkets – buh bye!

It’s easy to transform a room into a more masculine design with a simple swap out of a rug, chair, art or light fixture to make it feel more you. This process of selective retention, guided by a professional interior designer, will help you create a space that truly represents your new path and strengthen your mental well-being. 

The goal is to walk into your home and feel like yourself, have it function the way you like and be proud of how it looks.  Now we’re off to a fresh start!

Repurpose Rooms at Home with Masculine Design
Home Gym


Who says you have to stick to conventional room functions? Collaborating with an interior designer can help you transform spaces to fit your lifestyle. Do you really need a formal living room and a family room?  Turn that Living Room into a Game Room, the Dining Room into a Home Bar or the Bonus Room into a Home Gym and Sauna.  With help from a creative and savvy interior designer, these simple changes can positively impact your daily life and boost your mood.

Interior Design for Single Man
interior design for single man living room


Channel your inner masculine energy with the expertise of an interior designer who can guide you through selecting the right color palette and furniture selection for you. Masculine Design uses deep blues, rich browns, and charcoals that can infuse your space with a sense of strength and sophistication, aligning with your personal style and aesthetic preferences.  Materials like brick, metal, stone and wood look great in a more masculine home and give off an earthy and grounded feel.  Remember the Rolling Stones and Paint it Black.  Black accents make any space feel more modern in a heartbeat.

If you’re looking to do a Kitchen Remodel, check out one of our more popular posts on The Hottest Kitchen Inspirations that ARE NOT All White.

bathroom remodel for single guy
Masculine Walk In Closet


If you have children, consider dedicating a space just for them.  Of course, make their rooms feel comfortable and all their own.  Create a kid zone that’s fun, casual and tailored to their interests, if you have the space. This will not only make them feel cherished when they’re at your place but also reinforce your commitment to being a loving and supportive dad, all while ensuring the design is functional and safe. 

masculine design
masculine design
Home remodel after divorce
Home Redesign for a man after divorce


No need to seclude yourself and friends into the Garage or your Man Cave.  Your entire home as a single man is a new hub for both solo relaxation and socializing with friends. Work with an interior designer to create a cozy and stylish seating area where your friends can hang out, play games, or watch movies. Incorporate a home bar, and you’ve got the perfect setup for hosting game nights or casual gatherings, promoting positive social interactions with a thoughtfully curated design.

Make a Home Game Room more Masculine


Your home should be a haven that nurtures your wellbeing. An interior designer can assist in creating a personal gym, complete with the equipment you need to stay fit. A sauna or a private bedroom suite can also serve as retreats for relaxation and rejuvenation, contributing to your overall wellness routine while benefiting from a professional’s eye for detail.  To separate work from pleasure at home, make sure to keep the home office out of the bedroom.

Home Sauna
Home Gym


Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood, and an experienced interior designer can provide valuable input in this area. Changing the lighting alone can completely transform your home into a more masculine design.  Swap out generic light fixtures for statement pieces that align with your aesthetic. Bulb warmth is extremely important when creating a sexy space.  Using warm white (2700 kelvin or lower) or amber LED edison style bulbs will set the stage and make your home look really sexy and cool.  Bring on the ambiance!  Dimmable lighting creates a cozy, intimate atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long day or hosting a romantic evening.  

Masculine Lighting Dining Room
Kitchen Great Room Modern Lighting

Remember, the goal of redesigning your home post-divorce is not just about changing the physical space; it’s about fostering a sense of self-discovery, growth, and emotional healing. Embrace this opportunity to collaborate with an interior designer, redefine your surroundings, reconnect with your passions, and build a space that resonates with your new journey. Your home is a reflection of your story – make it uniquely yours, with the expertise of a professional interior designer!

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Masculine Interior Design Style for the Newly Single Man