Brand RepresentativeRed Carpet Green DressWinter 2014

Los Angeles Celebrity Interior Designer Lori Dennis Red Carpet Green Dress Roy Yerushalmi

Los Angeles Celebrity Interior Designer Lori Dennis and Roy Yerushalmi honored at Red Carpet Green Dress

Red Carpet Green Dress Selects Top Interior Designer Lori Dennis to represent the brand at the 2015 fundraiser. Lori Dennis interior design is recognized as a leader in sustainable interior design and environmentally friendly products.  Lori Dennis, a LEED certified designer, also heads up Lori Dennis Home.  The brand features Unbreakable Glasses, an eco-friendly,  BPA- free, plastic wine glass.  Suzy Amis Cameron and her husband James Cameron (director of Titanic and Avatar) have long been involved in environmental causes, protecting the planet and its precious resources. Inspired by the red carpet opportunity provided by James Cameron’s blockbuster hit, Avatar in 2009, Suzy Amis Cameron founded a unique and innovative dress design contest called, “Red Carpet Green Dress.”

Husband and wife, design-build team, Lori Dennis and Roy Yerushalmi of SoCal Contractor, a green building, construction company,  were favorites on the red carpet.