Back in the 80s I heard Christie Brinkley kept her teeth white with baking soda. This was before all the toothpaste manufacturers had figured this out, so I placed a box of Arm&Hammer in my medicine cabinet and brushed.  It worked well and I still use her trick to this day in conjunction with my peppermint flavored Tom’s of Maine toothpaste.  So after two decades of hearing how Sophia Loren stays so beautiful  (Olive Oil) I decided to try this one too.  It’s also a fact that olive oil absorbs easily into skin.  A  gallon of it runs about $11 dollars at Costco and the pretty Umbra refillable pump jar costs$15 at Hold Everything.  I’ve been using olive oil all over my face, hands and body in place of three separate creams and IT WORKS GREAT.  Bye bye expensive, organic creams and all their containers that need to be recycled.  This gallon should last me about 6-8 months.  I’m saving a small fortune on product which I can use for the “additional” doctor visits I’ve learned Ms. Loren also uses to keep her youthful appearance.