I got the invite, heavy card stock, multiple layers, all the right hosts: Elle Decor, Margaret Russell, Monique Lhuillier, Windsor Smith and Julia Sorkin, but having recently gone to three events atWilliams Sonoma  I still wasn’t thrilled about attending.  I also felt bad, that I hadn’t placed in order there in quite some time.  But I pulled out the hairdryer and lash curler, put on effortless cocktail attire and hit the party. Was I ever glad to have done so.  I can’t remember a party with a better dressed crowd. One outfit was more stylish than the next- and I did not spot one pair of jeans.

The neon yellow, organza skirt paired with a biker jacket ala St. John Knits was the first blast of fabulousness to capture my attention.   Even Alison Muh, President and Chief Fashion Officer of Surly Girl commented how well dressed we all were.  (Alison is VERY successfully in business across the street from Channel, so you can bet she knows a thing or two about fashion. )

The showroom is so well appointed that I’ve officially named Williams Sonoma Home the new arbiter of interior style.  They’ve always been good, but now they’re one of the best.  I was gushing over this place setting, while asking an adorable gentleman

to help me turn off my flash.  Turns out he was, Andrew Angel, Visual Manager for Williams Sonoma and responsible for the gorgeousness.

One room glowed a little more than the others, of course this was right where Queen Margaret sat and signed copies of her new book Style and Substance The Best of Elle Decor (a portion of proceeds going to benefit P.S. Arts) .  Also exciting was that the event was sprinkled with Top Design starlets, including fan favorite Felicia.

As you know, I’ve been contemplating if Los Angeles is really the best place to live.  At this point of the festivities I turned to Rachel Winokurand exclaimed, “I love living in LA!” Never disappointing, Miss Rachel showed up in true green fashion wearing Gramma Etta’s vintage dress.  (Etta was petite and those sleeves ended at her wrists.)

I’ve lived in LA since I was 14,  grown up with the rich and famous, and  I don’t get star struck.  But when I saw my blogging idol Ms. Ronda Carman, I shed my uber, “I’m too cool to care” skin, grabbed her, primped her hair and shot a photo.  Ronda- I love you and this was the highlight of my night!

Ok… gotta get dressed and get over to the PDC for what I am sure is going to be one hell of a Westweek! …and think about what I will be buying from Williams Sonoma for two new clients……..