Today the front pages of Yahoo and CNBC confirmed:  The McMansion- IT’S OVER, IT’S DEAD, and hopefully it’s not coming back-EVER!  For the past twenty five years I’ve watched McMansions destroy the once upon a time quaint neighborhoods of Los Angeles like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and the Palisades.  Adorable, appropriately sized cottages and little haciendas with charming courtyards were replaced with bloated “Mediterranean Palaces”.  In addition to looking ridiculously out of place, wasting enumerable amounts of energy and resources and  encouraging owners to fill them with CRAP they don’t need, these structures keep occupants captive indoors.  It’s bad news for two reasons.  The indoor air quality in these types of homes is known to contain massive amounts of carcinogens- home toxic home.  And since  these McMansions contain their own libraries, media rooms, spas, playrooms (and anything else you can imagine in 3 to 12,000 square feet), residents feel less than compelled to go to the public equivalents.  It causes a disconnect and breakdown in communities when folks don’t interact regularly. It’s a trend that’s ripped through our nation for decades.  And now, thankfully, it’s over.   Smaller homes, less waste, better health for people and the planet, more human interaction- times they are a changin’!