I knew the stakes had been raised at the PDC last Monday night when I walked across the lobby and saw a red carpet with  Sharon Osbourne and no less than 20 cameras flashing their bulbs.  It was Marty’s big night, DESIGNER OF THE YEAR, hosted by the PDC and brand new Andrew Martin, super chic, buy off the floor showroom.

Everyone was there to congratulate Martyn and PARRRRTEH, including Taylor Dayne (who still has PIPES) and Downtown Julie Brown.  I got so excited during Tell It To My Heart, that I jumped on stage with hunky Martyn and boogied my bootie.   Bravo’s new show Million Dollar Decorator was filming, so let’s “Watch What Happens” and see if I make it to the episode.  Big night, big party, big award and great, big, talented, sweet man.  Congrats.

A few days later I spoke at the Solargy showroom opening party in Tarzana.  The first of its kind in Los Angeles, it’s a good looking showroom room filled with energy effiicient solutions for residential and commercial buildings. My favorite was the HVAC system that has an automated humidifier for those dry winter nights.  And designers, co-owner Gabrielle  is quite the charmer. Make sure to book your tour with him.

Immediately after I popped into the Jean De Merrry Party to talk about my book, say hi to everyone and see Mike Ragan’samazing fabric display.  The Melrose Place showroom is breathtaking and I love the way they transformed the parking lot into a green paradise complete with fountain, sculpture and exquisite outdoor lanterns. I’d expect nothing less from Jean De Merry.

Rounding out the weekend, the SoCalContractor and I headed over toFabrik Magazine’s Arts District Art Walk and visited the studios of some of LA’s finest. Sculpture by David Hollen, Canvas by Robert Reynolds and Photography by Cyril Helnwein were all fantastic. The experience was entirely surreal going behind the concrete walls into studio spaces that were buzzing with energy and unbridled, urban beauty.





Beautiful blonde Italian, Gemma Sonego (architect, floral artist, collector of vintage furnishings) and little Elle Bell took a liking to each other and stayed side by side for the better part of our visit.  I fell in love with both her and her husband, Robert Renoylds and will be having them soon for a soiree on the West Side.