This Sunday I did something I haven’t done since I was an undergrad (back in the days when the first Wall Street movie was in theaters), I walked the UCLA campus from top to bottom.

Having had our fill of noisy playgrounds for the weekend, the  SoCal Contractor and I , opted for a much quieter play day for Elle Bell and headed to the Bel Air entrance.

Like New York City, UCLA seems empty on the weekends, which was exactly what we wanted.  Established in the 1880s, the campus is home to  captivating, brick buildings designed in the same grandeur as the Ivy League schools you so often see in movies.  Additionally there are world class examples of International style buildings from the north to the south.  My favorite part of the campus still remains the Murphy Sculpture Garden, something so serene and unexpected at a college campus.   We stayed there for a good, long time admiring the beautiful man made structures and landscape.  With a reflecting pond and plenty of space to kick a soccer ball, the trip was a hit with the entire family.

Nothing to do next weekend? Pack a lunch- maybe even sneak in a bottle of wine-and head to UCLA.  For a whopping $10 parking fee you’ll enjoy a few hours of intellectual solitude and some fresh air. Go Bruins!